I am obsessed with neckties. I love to loop one in the belt loops of my jeans. I've always wanted to make a skirt out of them...haven't quite finished that project yet.

I've found the best way to obtain a lot of neckties for not a lot of money is through e-bay. I have a collection (2 storage bins) of neckties! All waiting to be crafted into something special.

For this project, I used three neckties from my collection and turned them into a unique scarf.

I hope you like this project and definitely let me know if you try it. I'd like to see pics! :)

Step 1: Materials

3 neckties (try to pick 3 neck ties that are close to the same length)
Seam ripper
Pins (sewing, quilting, stray…)
Fleece (if you buy 1 yard or 1/2 yard you should have plenty, you’ll being using approximately 13” by 5’ depending on the neckties you use)
Sewing machine
Hand sewing needle
Embroidery floss to match the neckties (may need more than one color)
Cutting mat
Rotary cutter
Ironing board

<p>Just posted this on an old instructible-- maybe some will find useful</p><p>If you want to do something like this with men's ties. </p><p>1. <br>You will serve yourself by opening up the seam down the back of the <br>tie, remove the shaping/stiffing. Square off the ends by first laying <br>your ties out. Placing the first tie flat after pressing and lay the <br>next one going in the opposing direction (ties are all cut on the <br>&quot;bias&quot;.) I used to make throw pillows this way.<br></p><p>Stitch them <br>down the long side until you have enough to go around the person at <br>about the hip line. Mark a straight line across the top and bottom, and<br> trim away the excess. Hem one end of your created fabric and stitch <br>the other onto the Blue Jeans or Shorts.</p><p><strong>OPTIONAL: </strong> You can<br> get an interesting effect if you place two going one way and the third <br>one between a set of two (2). Then when you hem you could square and do<br> straight or have pointed ends on the bottom, or 2 pointed and the <br>narrow one hemmed straight across would give you another effect. This <br>will make the bottom fuller than across the hips where you attach to the<br> Blue Jeans or Shorts. Personally I like this ffect that <br></p><p>I would look for ties at yard sales rather than thrift shops to do this. Usually cheaper.</p><p>Be<br> selective of type of material..... silk and some kind of blend. Don't <br>mix linen, or wool with silk. Polyester/Silk best choice for <br>washable. The tag on ties usually tells fiber content. Rayon I <br>personally won't mess with.</p>
I think mine turned out good, gonna make some more a bit narrower
You are the Tie Lady,great idea and now I know what to do with all thoes neckties.

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