Picture of How to make a Flower Wrap the right way.
Materials Needed Include:

- Cellophane- preferably clear, you will need approximately a 1.5' by 2' rectangle

- Ribbon - in a color that compliments your flower, you will need approximately a 16" piece

-Scissors - these need to be heavy duty enough to cut the stems of the flowers and your florist wire

-Water Tube - this goes at the base of the flower once you have cut it, because the greens can last longer without water. You want it filled about 3/4 the way full so that when you insert your flower stem it doesn't  overflow.

-Florist Wire - this helps hold the head of your flower up so that it doesn't wilt

-[optional] Tissue Paper - this adds depth to your arrangement

Then we need the Flowers:

- 1 large headed flower [i.e. rose, daisy, sunflower, etc.] with a long stem

- 1 piece of leather (the fuller and more green the better)

- Filler (usually a couple small pieces of babys breath, tree fern, status, etc,)

Step 1: Step 1 - Cut the Cellophane

Picture of Step 1 - Cut the Cellophane
You need to cut the cellophane to approximately a 2' by 1.5' rectangle. (The Width of the cellophane is usually 1.5' on the roll, so you just need to roll it out 2') The rectangle needs to be long enough that when you place the flowers diagonally from upper right to lower left sides, it fits with about 3 inches to spare on the bottom.
Creativeman5 years ago
Excellent instructable, and I can really use this in presentations of my flowers. I am confused about the "leather" however. What is the size of this piece? Is it like saddle leather, shoe leather, what?  Also a picture of the leather would be nice, I can't see anything resembling leather in any of the pictures. Thanks again for posting, hope to see a reply. Cman
Leather refers to the dark green, fern-like leaves. It's common name it leather leaf.

I appreciate your instructable. It was one of the most brilliant pieces of work I have ever witnessed. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this site. You truly define the art of wrapping flowers. Do you work in a flower boutique? Where can I buy scissors like yours? Thanks!