How to Make a Folded Ribbon Rose




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Introduction: How to Make a Folded Ribbon Rose
This video shows you in detail how to make a Folded Ribbon Rose for all you lovers of Ribbon Embroidery



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    I love the clear, step by step instructions. thank you.

    Could you give written instructions on how to make a folded ribbon rose. My internet service is by satelite and it's too slow to download a video...I used t have the fast service, but I moved to a state that doesn't have that kind of coverage by telephone so we had to go the satelite route. Now I can't watch videos or stream movies anymore. So instruction by pictures or written would be so helpful to me.
    Thanks, Linda

    Mine turned out really pretty. I tried it at first with ribbon with wire in it...didn't work great, but wasn't bad either. how do I give it a stem?

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    Next time when you use the wired ribbon, take out the top wire, will be pretty.


    Wonderful video. Plainly stated. I give it 5 stars!

    I would have like to have instructions in text for the ribbon rose My video connection does not work

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    Hi there If you go to our website, and click on the DVD button at the top you can download the text that was used in the voice over for DVD Volume 1, just go look for the link that says "For our hearing impaired customers, please click here to download the readable text that was used for Volume 1" under DVD Volume 1 at the bottom of the page

    This video was so helpful. It was just what I was looking for. Well done and thanks!!