This is a copy of a cool fence that we built years ago. In the rainy northwest, it provides a pleasant break from the grey skies. Quite a few strangers have knocked on my door to thank me for brightening their day with the site of the fence. A few years ago a young man actually came and asked if it would be okay to propose to his girlfriend in front of our fence, since it was such a cool spot.

Our original fence  was built with posts and crosspieces like a traditional picket fence. Some folks asked if we could make the same type of flowers for them and this is what we came up with. The flower stems are attached with green tie wraps.

We touch up the paint on the flowers every year or two.


Our fence was made out of recycled wood. My neighbor was tearing down his old house to build new. The house had cedar boards as paneling on the walls and ceilings. So we went in and pulled down as many as we could. (Totally ignoring my serious cedar allergy;-)) It can also be built from pallet wood. The flowers weremade from scraps of wood that we rescued from the dump. (Don’t tell anyone, that is illegal here ;-))

Step 1: Materials and Tools








Exterior screws




Table saw or radial saw  (You can skip this if you are using pallet wood and tying it to another fence)


Band saw, Scroll saw or jig saw to cut flowers


Dremel tool or wood carving knife


Paint brush




Estas ideas estan maravillosas!!! Me gustan mucho, son de costo modico, son creativas, y ademas se ven muy bonitas! I think these ideas are very nice, and would look beautiful on any garden.
Gracias Amiga!
This is so cute!
Thanks! This is the Instructables fence.
This picture is the cutest!

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