Silent… but deadly…  I’m talkin’ bout snake eyes. ‘nuff said!


-Black Balaclava (motorcycle mask)

-black long sleeve shirt

-black pants

-black military boots

-samurai sword

-red craft foam

-plexi-glass (home depot)

-2 spice caps

-magnetic computer bag

-black gloves

-toy gun


-double sided velcro


-key rings

-shoulder strap of lap top bag with clasps at each end

-nylon belt with buckle

-Heating gun

-4 washers

-Strong miniature magnets (home depot)

-thin metal squares (about 1x1 inch). i just sawed some off of a metal ruler.

Step 1: Clothes and Arashikage Clan Insignia

Put on the balaclava, shirt,pants, nylon belt, and tuck the pants into the boots. Take the red foam and glue them (or velcro as we did) on the right shoulder in the pattern of the arashikage clan
<p>Well done! I made this one too for a race in San Francisco. I had a similar visor set up, but I used Velcro.</p>
ooo. smart idea! costume looks dope too.. what did you do to make your visor dark, yet see through? im kinda experimenting with the idea of car window tint
I used screen material for windows. It was dark enough to hide my eyes from others, but not enough that it limits my vision.
<p>Thanks guys!</p>
Looks really great!
Well done!
&quot;Silent... but deadly...&quot; Teh-heh!

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