Picture of How to make a GIANT bean bag out of T-shirts!
This instructable shows you how to make a giant bean bag! It can be made of cool old T-shirts that you love or cool T-shirts you find at the thrift store. This thing will impress all of your friends! 

Also check this link to see where I got the idea:
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Step 1: Explanation

Picture of explanation
This  is where I got the original idea from but since I have little skill in pattern making it turned out to be alot bigger (It doesn't fit in my car) then  it was suppost to be. The picture of the short haired girl is how it is suppost to look from their way. 
I used: 
 (12)Large T-shirts of strong cotton fabric, any thin kind will rip when your friends  jump on it. Trust me.
Sizzors, yes I like to spell siZZors like that.
some type of paper for drawing the confusing pattern
chalk in different colors
sewing machiene with stong thread
some kind of stuffing for inside it, I originally used styrofoam balls from an upholstery store then switched to foam blocks (we'll talk       more about this later)
my laptop
some snacks

You can see what they used on their site.

Step 2: Making the pattern

Picture of making the pattern
one wedge.jpg
You will need to make 6 T-shirt "wedges" in order to form a beach ball shape. A wedge like an orange wedge or the "wedges" in this beach ball. Do you see how the picture on the T-shirts looks like a wedge in a beach ball?

First you will have to make 12 "HALF wedges" 

In order to do this you will make a pattern which is HALF OF ONE WEDGE (because 1/2 + 1/2 makes 1):
get a large piece of paper (I used news paper) measuring 30X20 inches and draw a line down the center. 
On the paper start with a 60 degree angle at the top center and draw a soft curved line down length of wedge. They explain this better in the video

tigrrrl9 months ago
What if you used 7 hexagons instead of strips?
How many yards of each?
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Looks like you figured out how to transfer the text over for a full Instructable, nice job! The chair looks comfy.

btw -The picture in step 1 of "the short haired girl" is Instructables' own Becky Stern (a.k.a bekathwia).

gonzalezchica (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
I didn't figure out how to transfer it, I just had to do it ALL over again. IDK that girl was from instructables! LOL! Cool idea Becky =)