Picture of How to make a GREAT paper airplane.
Here are the instructions to a great airplane I taught myself to make.

You will need:
Paper 8.5x11

Using a pencil and a ruler make it easier but are not necessary.

(This is my first Instructable post so please tell me how I did.)

Step 1: Fold in half.

Picture of Fold in half.
Fold the paper in vertically (the long way).
rimar20004 years ago
Nice design!

Maybe you can add a short video of it flying. If you do this, please warn to me, so I see it.
Well, its definitely not bad for a first instructable.

You may want to change the intro's photograph to the plane itself, rather than the materials required. This gives viewers an understanding of what would be built, prior to even clicking on the instructable. Merging common procedures such as taping into one large step may also be favorable.

Either way, its quite good for a first instructable. :)
spiffy956 (author)  OrigamiAirEnforcer4 years ago
Thank you! :)
I will change the intro photo right now and see what I can do with the taping.