How to make a Gajra (Traditional Indian garland)

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A Gajra is a traditional Indian garland that can be used in a variety of ways.
Mostly it tied in women's hair and on door's etc for decoration although 
you can be innovative and use these in any way you like.

Apart from the decorative uses, gajras are also used as offerings in pujas (prayer).
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Step 1: Material

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Making a gajra doesnt really require much material.

1.Start with a bunch of flowers adequate for the length of gajra you want to make.
   Traditionally,They are made with paper Mullapoos (paper Jasmine) flowers 
   but any small flowers with short stems should do.

2.Arrange for some thin string.You can experiment with colour but white goes 
   best with the white Mullapoos.

Step 2:

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1.Start with one free end of the string.

2.With the string comfortably on a finger, place two flowers on top of the string
   in opposite directions to each other and perpendicular to the string at the same time.
   Hold this in place with your thumb from the top.

Note- handle flowers carefully as they are very delicate.


Step 3:

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1.loop the string around the flowers as shown.
   Do this twice or thrice for the first knot to give extra strength.

2.With your free fingers, make another loop and pass one of the flowers through it.
   Then pass the free end of the string through the loop and pull to get a knot.

Step 4:

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1.keep adding pairs of flowers to the garland until its as long as you want.

2.Just like the first knot, take extra care with the last knot and tie it tightly.

Dont get discouraged if you don't get it right in the first go.
Although it looks easy it's actually delicate work.
Be patient and keep at it and very soon you'll be making beautiful gajras.

Step 5:

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You're done!

tie the garland up in your hair or decorate your door with it.

Have fun with it!!

sabu.dawdy3 years ago