Step 2:

1.Start with one free end of the string.

2.With the string comfortably on a finger, place two flowers on top of the string
   in opposite directions to each other and perpendicular to the string at the same time.
   Hold this in place with your thumb from the top.

Note- handle flowers carefully as they are very delicate.


<p>Very nicely explained with beautiful pictures.Well done siddharth.Keep it up</p>
Where can you buy jasmine in the US? I'm looking to make gajra from paper jasmine flowers.
Also, on the same site, they have premaid gajra! They have gajra hair and decorations on here.<br><br>For hair (search here): http://www.vadaamalar.com/indian-dance-wear/dance-accessories/synthetic-flowers.html<br><br>For decorations; such as gajra for doors and windows (search here): http://www.vadaamalar.com/home-decor/door-and-window-hangings.html
Don't buy real jasmine! Buy artificial flowers because they last forever! Buy from here:<br><br>http://www.vadaamalar.com/jasmine-flowers.html<br><br>My mom makes gajra all the time! I bought these, and a few others, for her and she loved it! They ship on time and the flowers work just as good as real flowers! Good luck!
its beautiful! thanks for posting! Excellent instruction. :)
Thanks for posting this! It's lovely. My best friend had something like this (but hers was made with carnations, I think) for her traditional hindu wedding. I only remember it because the florist didn't deliver it the morning of her wedding and her dad had to drive two hours away to pick one up because it was necessary for the ceremony.
save daddy some trouble next time now that you know how to make them !<br>:)<br>
These are beautiful! <br><br>Are there seasonal garlands?
yes they're beautiful :)<br>these are available the whole year round here in india.
there are not from india, there from my country phillipines we called them {sampaguita] or mayflower those fuking india just stole it on our land lol <br>REPLY <br>[flag][delete]
hi there!<br>i didnt really know where the flowers were originally from.<br>so i decided to research.<br><br>quoting from wikipedia,<br><br>&quot;Jasminum sambac (syn. Nyctanthes sambac) is a species of jasmine native to southwestern and southern Asia, in the Philippines, india, Myanmar and Sri Lanka<br>Common names include Arabian Jasmine, Full (فل) (Arabic), Bel/Beli (বেলীফুল, Bengali), Mogra (Hindi and Marathi), Mallikā (Sanskrit), Kampupot, Melati putih (Malay and Indonesian Language), Sampaguita (Filipino) Kampupot (Tagalog), Mallepuvvu (Telugu), Mallikaipu (Tamil),&quot;<br><br>yes :)<br>so they're native to Philippines and india both.<br><br>and how does that matter anyway in the first place??<br>just make them and have fun!<br><br>peace. <br><br><br>

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