How to Make a Galaxy Print on a White Shirt





Introduction: How to Make a Galaxy Print on a White Shirt

Most of the DIY's out there for this 'look' are started on a black shirt, and use bleach. But I had a white shirt that I really loved the shape of, and (of course) I spilled coffee on it. This is how I 'fixed' it.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

white T-Shirt
Fabric Paint
wax paper
old toothbrush
craft stick (or disposable wooden chopstick)
plastic bags or other dropcloth to protect your surface
cardboard & tape

Step 2: Build Shirt Insert

In order to prevent the paint from seeping from the front of the shirt, through to the back; you have to create a cardboard insert to go into your shirt. You can buy one, or make it from cereal boxes or other cardboard. Since my shirt was a weird shape, I needed to make my insert from scratch.
Cut the cardboard & tape pieces together to fit perfectly into your shirt. Take your time & get it right and it will make a big difference in the finished appearance of your shirt. (random paint spots seeped through to the back are not pretty)

Step 3: Choose Colors & Prep Paint

I like to use a small baking tray and a piece of wax paper as my painter's palette; super easy & fast clean up. 
Because you're painting with a sponge, you need less paint spread over a larger surface area. I achieved this by putting a small amount of paint on the wax paper & then folding the wax paper over & smooshing it. Wahlah; your very own mini rorschach!
Also, if this is your first time using this sponge (as it was for me) you may want to grab some scrap paper & just test it out & get a feel for the look you want.

Step 4: Block Out Your 'dead Space' Area

I'm no painter, but it's my understanding that you generally want to start with the darkest color on the bottom. & since you're starting with a white shirt, black is your darkest paint color & the one to start with. Use your sponge & black paint to plan out the areas that will not be covered by other colors. 
It's also easy to go back & add more to fill out space as you may discover you need to do.
You can see some of my inspiration images laying around. I've included the link below as a starter source for galaxy images.

Step 5: Paint!

Use your sponge & other paint colors to fill in the space not covered in the black. Work in sections & by paint colors.

Step 6: Make Stars

(I didn't get photos of this part, sorry)
Put white paint on your toothbrush & drag the craft stick across the top of the bristles. Drag the stick from the top of the brush Towards you- trust me- this will cause the paint to splatter away from you & create your 'Stars'. Use the toothbrush to splatter your stars across the shirt, as much or as little as you like.
And you're done!

(follow the directions on your fabric paint for washing & care)



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    kool have u ever thought of doing this on a dress???? I have an old with one and I'm in love with this design

    Wow! Amazing artistic skills.

    thank you, that's very kind!

    -give it a try, I bet you could do it too! :)

    tried it on my first shirt tonight. turned out well have a few tweeks for my other ones! thanks for the awesome idea!


    Looks great! I love the way you did the layout! And thanks for sharing the pic!!:)

    I love it! Out of curiosity, did you leave the back of your shirt white or paint both sides?

    Thanks! I did leave the back white.

    your shirt looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

    Thank you!! :)

    I showed this to my girlfriend and she really likes the shirt; could you tell me where I could get one for her?