How to make a Galaxy Print on a white shirt

Picture of How to make a Galaxy Print on a white shirt
Most of the DIY's out there for this 'look' are started on a black shirt, and use bleach. But I had a white shirt that I really loved the shape of, and (of course) I spilled coffee on it. This is how I 'fixed' it.
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Step 1: Gather supplies

Picture of Gather supplies
white T-Shirt
Fabric Paint
wax paper
old toothbrush
craft stick (or disposable wooden chopstick)
plastic bags or other dropcloth to protect your surface
cardboard & tape

Step 2: Build shirt insert

Picture of Build shirt insert
In order to prevent the paint from seeping from the front of the shirt, through to the back; you have to create a cardboard insert to go into your shirt. You can buy one, or make it from cereal boxes or other cardboard. Since my shirt was a weird shape, I needed to make my insert from scratch.
Cut the cardboard & tape pieces together to fit perfectly into your shirt. Take your time & get it right and it will make a big difference in the finished appearance of your shirt. (random paint spots seeped through to the back are not pretty)

Step 3: Choose colors & prep paint

Picture of Choose colors & prep paint
I like to use a small baking tray and a piece of wax paper as my painter's palette; super easy & fast clean up. 
Because you're painting with a sponge, you need less paint spread over a larger surface area. I achieved this by putting a small amount of paint on the wax paper & then folding the wax paper over & smooshing it. Wahlah; your very own mini rorschach!
Also, if this is your first time using this sponge (as it was for me) you may want to grab some scrap paper & just test it out & get a feel for the look you want.
robopancake7 months ago
I love it! Out of curiosity, did you leave the back of your shirt white or paint both sides?
liberty5-3000 (author)  robopancake7 months ago
Thanks! I did leave the back white.
dear297 months ago
your shirt looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
liberty5-3000 (author)  dear297 months ago
Thank you!! :)
jvoga7 months ago
I showed this to my girlfriend and she really likes the shirt; could you tell me where I could get one for her?
liberty5-3000 (author)  jvoga7 months ago
Of course! The brand is called ZOA, but I bought it at a Sample Sale from their wholesale store in Manhattan. I'm not sure if they have regular retail stores & where they would be. I would just suggest to Google the brand & see if you can locate a store or an online retailer. Although, I did buy it last summer, so unfortunately that style may no longer be available.
Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't be more specific!
thank you very much! it was a little helpful, but unfortunately there is just so much stuff by ZOA.....would you happen to know what "style" the shirt is?
liberty5-3000 (author)  jvoga7 months ago
I'm sorry; I don't. As I said I purchased it over a year ago & I don't have any other info on it
well thank you for all your help! :)
liberty5-3000 (author)  jvoga7 months ago
No problem, good luck!
Pwag7 months ago
Looks great.
liberty5-3000 (author)  Pwag7 months ago
Thank You :)
Stone_UFO7 months ago
liberty5-3000 (author)  Stone_UFO7 months ago
jlindsey47 months ago
This is a fabulous tutorial! I would recommend going with the light colors first - it's much easier to paint black over a light color than vice versa - but clearly it worked well anyways!
liberty5-3000 (author)  jlindsey47 months ago
Thanks for the input!
ab.7 months ago
This is great.
liberty5-3000 (author)  ab.7 months ago
Thank you! :)
danzo3217 months ago
COOL.. white paint, does it have the feel of little beads?
liberty5-3000 (author)  danzo3217 months ago
The paint does have some texture, but since it's fabric paint it is supposed to be pretty soft. Also, because I had to use a lot of black & then add other colors too- it's a little stiffer than prior to painting. So: No; not quite "little beads" more like touching a reg painting.
danzo3217 months ago
never seen a "tshirt' that shape, where'd it come from?
liberty5-3000 (author)  danzo3217 months ago
It's from a brand called ZOA, I actually bought it at a sample sale.
winterfox7 months ago
So doing it!!
liberty5-3000 (author)  winterfox7 months ago
Awesome! Feel free to share your pics! :)
That is beautiful! I love it!
liberty5-3000 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick7 months ago

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