Introduction: How to Make a Game of Thrones T-shirt

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This is an easy and simple way to make your owne t-shirt using a stencil and spary paint.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Watch the video and see how easy it is.

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Step 2: Gather the Material

You will need for this project:

- T-shirt

- Stencil

- Spray adhesive

- Spray paint ( acrylic )

- Iron

Step 3: Get Started

Make the stencil that you want and cut.

Spray some spray adhesive on the back of the stencil and stick to the t-shirt, on the video I used a small piece of wood to mark the place that I want the stencil to be.

Step 4: Let's Paint

Cover around the stencil with paper to stop overspary, and then paint the stencil.

If you want you can use a hair dryer to dry the paint.

Repeat this process for the number of stencil that you have.

Step 5: Seal the Deal

Use an iron to seal the paint on the fabric, this way your paint don't fade away when you wash the t-shirt.

Step 6: -

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You're still here, go and make this project!


AlexB134 (author)2016-01-07

Is there a place where you can purchase a stencil like that?

I searched on eBay and Amazon but, unfortunately, found nothing.

I don't know if you can buy already made, but in my case I made my own by printing the image on the printer glue to a piece of cardboard and cut the outline.

samuraijack (author)2015-01-24

i liked it.

subscribed to your youtube channel too.

continue making videos.

Hi! thanks for the help i really appreciate.

dragonslug (author)2015-01-23

Does this method require special spray paint or can you you the stuff from the hardware store?

Hi!, normal spray paint just check if is acrylic paint.

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