Step 2: Pull More Stuff Apart

In this picture, you can see the plastic case of the harmonica with the plates removed - place them to one side.

As the second picture so clearly illustrates: I'm an idiot. That flash drive isn't going to sit inside the harmonica without me cutting into one of the little valve thingies.

(NOTE: on the first try, I was able to shorten the 512mb flash drive by trimming 5mm or so off with the tree-trimmer thingies, and grinding one edge. This one has a funny black thing that covers the entire back, so I don't think I can cut through it without consequences.)

Oh well, find something smaller.

I've chosen the 128mb Tiny Pretec flash drive that happened to be on the desk, I also considered a bluetooth adaptor (perhaps one in each end!?) before realising it wasn't mine and putting it back together.

beats my harmonica grenades
I was totally expecting a gigantic harmonica, but you failed me. <---Crying.
hahahaha....the title is deceptive i agree!
I was thinking of an electric harmonica, it's ok, i was let down too.(I would pay you if made one though
I'm not sure how you would go about that. The mike placement would be an issue. The harmonica doesn't have the one big reverberation box like a geetar, so the bits closer to the mike would sound louder than those at the other end. The mike would also have to be out of direct airflow. I was considering jamming my tiny mp3 in one end and a tiny speaker in the other, but actually recording sound... could you have 3 or so mikes lined up along the black strip at the back, with a mp3-player-esque device to record without a cord sticking out...
haha, that's what I was hoping for as well.
I like what you did but it hurts my heart to see a harmonica (even a cheap one) dismembered
i had to say exactly the same far more cause i play also harrmonica.
Makes me blue too. I have dozens of dead harps that have died a natural death for a harmonica. Being played until the reeds are flat but even then I can't throw any of them away.
You can tune them!! It's really not hard. Just google it.
The first one of these wasn't bad, since the plating was dinted, one of the notes was broken and the brass/copper plate things were corroding. The new one made me cringe (so shiny). My mum's a music teacher- she hasn't heard of this and with good reason.
the prongs are reeds, and the reed plates are usually made of brass. Cool project! I usually carry a harmonica and a flash drive in my pocket. It'd be so much nicer just to carry a Gigamonica.
insert mic element? like a piezo guitar element, or a cheapy from ratshack maybe i'll try and make an instructable :)
it would be cool to find a small usb microphone and put it in there some how as to mike the harmonica
Hurray for tape! L

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