How to Make a Glass Bottle Into a Glass Cup! (or, How to Cut Bottles)





Introduction: How to Make a Glass Bottle Into a Glass Cup! (or, How to Cut Bottles)

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 The glass cutter I use is from the hardware store. It cost me about $3

If you get strange fractures when you use certain bottles, it's the type of glass (or how it was made). This method should work with all modern glass bottles, but I have had difficulty cutting vintage/antique bottles.



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    Nice instructable, I've never seen the torch method used before. I would recommend that anyone dry sanding or especially grinding glass wear a dust mask or some sort of respiratory protection because glass dust is nasty stuff that you don't want in your lungs. Wetting down your materials during sanding/grinding also helps minimize dust

    very interesting idea, i used to make cuts into glass with a sander, i would sit there and sand the hell out of a bottle till it got the hole i wanted or what not, but since this method takes incredibly long and completely wore down my beautiful diamond glass sander, ive been looking at other ways, i wasnt aware they sold glass cutters like that which is really cool, kind of sets the line for the work. but i must ask where did you get that torch? its a really awesome little device and i have never ever seen torches in pencil-handheld like that. also, if you're ever feeling lazy,

    i found this when i was looking at glass cutter links of yours but who knows how well it works

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    Yep, glass cutters are amazing tools. The bottle cutting jig in the link is very cool, it looks a lot like my home-built bottle cutting rig.

    The torch is called a pencil torch. It's made by bernz-o-matic. I find it to be an indispensable tool... every DIYer should have one! Just google Berns-O-Matic mini torch, I'm sure you can get one of your own off of Amazon.

    I highly recommend the Burnz-o-Matic model of mini torch because it has an secret ability to fit the nozzle of the super cheap bulk butane used in those mini butane camp stoves. The big butane cans are far cheaper than the fuel the manufacturer recommends.

    What hardware store did you get the glass scribe and can I just use more time and a candle instead of the torch

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    I got mine at an art store, but I also have one from TrueValue hardware that I use also (and it works the same).

    Any hardware store will have glass cutters, it's a standard item (like sandpaper or super glue).

    If you don't have a torch, you can pour boiling water on the scribed line followed by Ice water. That should sufficiently thermal shock it into a fracture.

    If the ball-hammer-end of your glass cutter is long enough to reach inside the bottle and tap on the opposite side of where your scribed line is, try that. If you have enough leverage to give the inside of the glass a good whack, then this will work better than a torch or the boiling water method.

    Good luck!!!

    I just picked up this one
    I tried it with the boiling water and after a few tries I got a uneven break, I had issues getting a even score and I dont think it was deep enough, it barely scratched the surface.

    Read the comments on the product link you mentioned. The comments all rate that product a 1/5 star, also saying it's a waste of money.

    I've also never seen a glass cutter that looks like that, I can't even see how it works.

    I recommend you return the Cobolt glass cutter, and opt for a classic glass cutter like this one here.

    Please keep trying! I hope this cobalt cutter hasn't discouraged you!

    I had read them but since they are 3 bucks I figured it was worth a shot, many cutters have bad reviews because people buy them thinking they with cut directly through the glass. thick is the bottle you are cutting? And how is the break uneven ie.. is it breaking on the score line but the rim is chipping, or is the fracture not following the score line at all?

    I breaks at the height close to the score line but had large jagged spikes

    Also, this is the glass cutter I used in the video :)

    Wow! Simple yet such excellent instuction, i've tried different methods suggested by friends, but never got a good result, can't wait to try this out!

    Could you have made a more excellent video?  I think not!!! You video is superb.10/10 stars.This is the first time I've understood the process of bottle cutting, and I have read other instructions that pale by comparrison to yours. Thank you thank you. Can you please tell me what a "pencil torch" is? Roughly what do they cost, and where might I purchase one? Thanks for sharing your time and skills.

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    Pencil torch is almost like a butane lighter, but its a mini torch.  I've purchased them for $3 in hardware stores.


    Hang on....I think I'm clueing in. Do you guys mean lighters with the long hosie thing that people use to light their BBQ's?  If that's what you're talking about, I can find lots of those. But duh-I just saw the link you sent so I'll go check over there.  I think you guys are pretty cool

    No, that's not it. Copy the link I gave you and enter it in your browser. That's a pencil torch.

    for some reason, i couldn't copythe link you so kindly shared, but i did find one on ebay and have ordered it :0) Stay tuned. Granny with torch let loose in Ontario Canada ;0)

    Really, anything that makes a flame would work. The only problem with yellow-flamed devices (like lighters) is that they will leave soot behind. Butane leaves no soot, neither does boiling water, so those methods are generally preferred.

     Thanks! I've decided to quit making pictorials and start making video tutorials!

    The pencil torch I used cost $10.00, but I've seen a simpler model for $3.00. I got mine at True Value hardware, it's a Burns-O-Matic butane mini torch.
    You could also get by using a lighter, but it will leave black soot on the glass that you'll have to clean off.

     I am extremely impressed. Simple and clear video.