How to Make a Glowing LED Sea Shell Light





Introduction: How to Make a Glowing LED Sea Shell Light

In this simple instructable I am going to show you how to create a glowing sea shell that looks really nice. It is very easy to make and very cheap.

Step 1: Materials

LED- I used a 10mm RGB self cycling LED. 15-50 Cents. You can take an LED pretty much any old electronic device or buy them online. Radio shack sells them for an arm and a leg.
Coin Cell Battery- I used the CR2032. Very Common. You can get them at radio shack or online. Even Big Grocery Stores have them. They cost any where from 20 cents a piece online to close to $5 dollars at radioshack.
Electrical tape- About 5cm. You could even use duct tape.
Shell- Any shell that is big enough to fit an LED in.

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly is simple.
Just make an LED Throwie. Then Stick it inside the shell and your done. It looks great and is a great night light/ mood light.
Thanks for reading!
Joe R
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Shouts to :T3h_Muffinator (Your cool!)



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I think it is good keep bulding

I like your idea; it could make a nice night lite :-)

The Self Cycling can be found at Walmart int he Automotive section. They are on necklaces or rearview mirror hangers.

Nice instructable congratulations. Does anybody know where I can find one of those RGB self cycling LED'S in Turkiye????

Thanks. I don't know where you could get. I bought mine on ebay. Sorry ;(


Heh. I actually like this quite a bit. Simple, yet I never would have thought of it. Bigger pics/video of the finished product would be nice. +1

No I just will upload a high quality video if I can get my camcorder working to google video. Thanks again.

Thank you, It was not hard to build at all. I will upload bigger pictures also. Should I make one those metacafe videos.