Step 6: Light it up!

Now that I had a translucent green ring I decided to embed a bright green LED in it. This is done by first hollowing out a section on the underside of the ring. Then cut one of the LED wires short and bend the other LED wire to fit the 3v watch battery (watch the polarity!)

Now make sure that the LED and battery can fit into the underside of the ring with the LED lighting up. You want the watch battery to essentially press fit into place in the underside of the ring. After testing the fit, remove the watch battery and glue the LED into place with some clear epoxy. Make sure the leads for the watch battery are exposed. After the epoxy dries just insert the watch battery into place and you now have a glowing ring! The battery is easily removed with a small flat bladed screwdriver to preserve battery life when the ring isn't being worn.
Have you ever thought about using an induction coil inside the ring, coupled with a transmitter hidden inside a power lantern? Would make the ring glow when held near the lantern. I think that would be pretty awesome. Similar to something like this http://www.kokes.net/projectlonghaul/projectlonghaul.htm

I think I'm going to have to give it a shot at some point, because how awesome would that be?
Honus (author)  HardcorePooka2 years ago
I have seen that project before- it's very cool. One thing I thought about was making a ring with a RFID tag in it so when you held it up to the lantern the lantern would turn on.
ItssRubiie7 years ago
Where can i find a LED light for this?
You can get 10 green LED flashlight keychains that include batteries and free shipping to anywhere at DealExtreme for under $5. They wouldn't fit as they are but the parts might if you carefully extracted them.
radio shack , its where i got mine when i made a iron man arc reactor
Try Radio Shack they have all kinds of them
Honus (author)  ItssRubiie7 years ago
I bought mine from a local electronics supply but you could try online suppliers like Digikey.
Thannkk Youuu!
TheAlmost4 years ago
do you embed the LED into the finished ring? wouldn't that be difficult to carve without breaking?
Honus (author)  TheAlmost4 years ago
Yep- just carve out an area in the ring using a Dremel.
comicfreak47 years ago
wouldnt the wax melt?
You don't *wear* the wax ring. You use the wax ring to make a mold in silicone, then make a hard resin casting in the mold. The cast ring is what you wear.

And even if you did put an LED in wax, LEDs don't emit heat. But your hand does.
ilmbg6 years ago
How long will the light last- I want to make a fake security sensor- maybe what you did would work the same...
Honus (author)  ilmbg6 years ago
I don't have any idea how long it will last. It depends on the battery capacity and the amount of current draw from the LED you're going to use.
GL18817 years ago
Been a GL fan since age 4 I have always wanted to have one of these. Now I get to make them for myself and my friends (I know I can't sell them but I bet I can get a few back issues in trade for one or 2). Thanks a Lot