All art lovers,
I have something for you guys that you can add to cherished list of art work.

Now, you can make your own hookah with ease and its even simpler to make...

Remember making hookah and using it are two very different things. Making it is an art and using it is injurious to health.
Being a non-smoker myself, i don't encourage smoking and i believe it is not cool.
I want you all to look forward to this instructable as a learning experience. This instructable is for ARTISTIC purpose only.

So what are we waiting for...
Lets get it started!

Step 1: Things you need

Guys, first of all i would like to tell you that this is my first instructable and i am new at it. You may not get all the pics for this instructable... So plz bear with me.

For Making Hokkah:
1. a glass jar or container with a long neck(depends on you).
2. a 10 mm approx. internal dia. steel pipe 15 to 18 inches long.
3. a plastic disk or coin.
4. a cheap ball point pen with a good and long rear cap.*
5. a plastic pipe (used as our hokka pipe).#

  • The rear cap of ball point pen will be used as the second pipe through which we will inhale smoke.

# The pipe will connect to the ball point pen cap. So select the pipe accordingly. I have used a pipe available for water purifiers.

Tools required:
1. drill machine
2. cutter
3. araldite or quick fix (adhesive)

Nice project, i'll make it <br>and give you feedback ;)
Good instructable! Just wondering something related to smoking, is it bad for you to smoke out of tin foil?
smoking itself is injurious to health. But smoking cigarette and hookah are same. Tin foil is used in hookah so that flavors can be used and coal can be kept on it.
Eh, I don't like what I'm hearing there. Considering tin foil is a misnomer, as aluminium is the usual choice these days. Aluminium is a neurotoxin thought to contribute to Alzeimhers, and the use of it in deoduorants is controversial.
Incorrect. Smoking a hookah and a cigarette IS NOT the same. Cigarettes contain much more harmful substances that are actually put into the tobacco to help it burn well and various other reasons. True Shisha (hookah tobacco) is generally mixed with honey or molasses with some flavoring. There are harmful chemicals like tar and nicotine that occur naturally within tobacco, but not nearly as much as in a cigarette.
Take into consideration the much larger volume of smoke inhaled while smoking from a hookah.
Thank you, that has been taken into consideration. It is a good thing that still is a far reduced problem compared to cigarettes. I used to have an equivalence chart on smoking Shisha compared to the other methods of smoking. If I can find it, I will post it.
is this... limited for tobacco?
Putting weed in a hookah really just ends up cooking all the thc out of your stuff and is rather wasteful. Crayfish is right, just use an apple if you must.
why would you ask that?!?! just use an apple for the thing that rimes with bead.
No it is not , no it is not .
Oh, how right you are... Just watch ZombieLand....
Cigarette's contain a number of ingredients witch help it burn better, like: Sulfur in the paper; potassium nitrate around the tobacco leaves; and carbon is produced by the burning of anything organic... The three main ingredients of gun powder is carbon (70%), potassium nitrate (15%), and sulfur (10%). Thus, cigarettes contain gunpowder, which, i think, is bad to smoke. Hubbly Bubly (Hookah) contain no paper, no potassium nitrate, and the coal stays on top. Plus it is filtered through water, any carbon that may come through is absorbed into the water. Hubbly rules!
i totally agree.
there is no gunpowder in cigarettes. thats the same as saying since burning tobacco produces arsenic, every time you smoke its like snorting rat poison - in theory, maybe. but its not really happening.
And the other 5% is?
in cigarettes are hydrocyanic acid ,acetone and 600 other ingredients<br/><br/>when you smoke a shisha or hookah(in austria we call it shisha<sup></sup>...)<br/>it's like you smoke 2,5 cigarettes but you smoke one shisha-head for 30 - 45 mins and often not alone<br/>so yes I think hookah is not as bad as a cigarette...<br/><br/>Nice instructable =)<br/><br/>bad English i think... ... so sorry..<br/><br/>best Flo<br/>
&nbsp;Hookahs are worse for you&nbsp;
Well, there's carbon in anything organic, there is sulfur in mineral coal and potassium nitrate is an oxidiser, but also a food preserver used since Middle Ages still used in some foods like Corned Beef. It is know as E525 in the European food additive E-code. Also, it can be found in toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Unless you can mix everything thoroughly, you are not smoking gunpowder. On the other end, it is proven that smoking from a hookah is as bad as smoking cigarettes because of the larger volume of smoke inhaled and it is still tobacco, you are still inhaling nicotine and particulate matter, so, no bed of roses.
there is no such thing as a 'safe smoke'. all smoke is ba for you it is just something that needs to be accepted before you spark a cigarette or light a cigar or pipe or shisha, etc. while the water in the shisha may help catch some of the tar and junk from the tobacco smoke, consider that one pull from a shisha yields considerably more smoke than one drag from a cigarette. usually, a cigarette will last anyqhere from 5 to 8 minutes, while a shisha session will last 30 minutes to an hour. the tobacco itself in both products still does its damage to you. the difference is that shisha is not as mainstream as the cigarette, and companies producing shisha tobacco do not care if you are addicted to their product, nor do they desire to make it so.the fact that you pay the $10 per can says that you already enjoy it enough without them needing to add to nicotine's already addictive properties. rj reynolds and his buddies though, do care, and do not mind dumping tons of chemicals into their cigarettes to alter the taste or the burn or the addiction factor. so in smoking shisha tobacco, you avoid the nasty chemicl additives found in commercially manufactured cigarettes. it is still bad for you, your still at risk for lung cancer and nicotine dependency, but in terms of chemical additives, shisha is the safer of the two. i smoke cigarettes without even thinking, but a shisha is a treat that deserve full attention and appreciation :)
And if a shisha lasts longer, than less tabacco is needed. Oh wait I take the tabacco out of the cigarettes (and put the in the hookha)
Well hookha is a kind of water pipe, right? And the purpose of water pipes are to cool down and filter smoke. So hookhas are better for you.
what about the bowl A can't smoke out of it with out the bowl you can use a sink screen
the chillam he refers to is&nbsp;the&nbsp;hookah bowl. They're usually ceramic
why do we need to put the ball point of the pen?
u really don't have to use the ball point of the pen...u can use anything that can substitute this thing... and always remember i have not made this to actually smoke hookha...its just a representation! best of luck!
what kind of jar is that and is it glass?
how far does the steel pipe go down
if you want to smoke it you should put it about halfway down and fill it up with water so its about an inch over to pole
what about a copper pipe? That wouldn't be bad would it? I've made plenty of hookah's out of random materials around such as pop cans and highlighters....haha thats definitely probably not good for you! but anyways good instructable and it gets me thinking.... thanks
wow this is a fantastic instructable, did you color your pipe red? as soon as i get all these materials i will make one just like yours.
this is a good instructable although i very strongly advise not using any pen parts or other plastic unless absolutly neccessary, its terrible for you same with pvc and aluminum
Good instructable, I have made my own though I use a blow torch a la steam punk to heat my tobacco. The main pipe also holds the tobacco. Like an upside down L and at the end you use a blow torch to heat the bowl. OF course the torch needs to be on really low and distanced to "gently" heat the tobacco and not burn it. I didn't read all the comments so if someone already said this then oh well. But hookah tobacco has almost no tar and what little is in it gets absorbed by your base (I use a little milk) on top of that 0.05% nicotine in it as well. Smoking hookah isn't bad for you like a cigarette. I'm not saying there is NO arm in it, any smoke can harm you but if you smoke hookah once a week or less I highly doubt you will get any real potential harm.
I think you did a nice job but you don't have a bowl for the coal and such to sit in on top of the pipe and I was concerned what type of pipe you used exactly. it looks really shiny, and I wondered was it galvanized? I read that you don't intend to use it to smoke but If someone did a galvanized pipe could be the death of them. galvanized steel is basically zink coating over the steel to keep it from rusting if heated the zink aerosolized and can poison the person breathing it in.
what i have made is just a prototype of what an actual hookah can look like....u dont have to copy the exact info. if u want to use it u need to get some inputs and then get started.
Still, it would be nice and wise to warn users about the dangers of heating galvanized steel. It would be ironic to get sick because of a galvanized pipe on a hookah instead of getting sick from the tobacco.
While it may seem obvious, if you could, please add a warning regarding the negative health effects that smoking has.
It's almost useless to add the warning. People tend to think freedom means having the right to poison their bodies at will and getting as much addictions as they want. I've never succeeded in preventing someone from smoking or doing drugs by telling them how they're harming themselves. I've just heard them saying "you were right" when things go bad.
thanks....i hav just posted it. thanks for reminding
dont trash on the hooka too much, its by far the safest way to smoke tobacco. 45 mins of hooka time is about as bad as one cigarette. And the socialization that only a hooka can provide is well worth it. I go to an art institute and i frequently host hookah parties, but i use hookahs that are about the size you created, came with all the partys, are safe, and only cost 30$. Look at middle eastern markets for cheep, safe, utilitarian hookahs. Your heath is most important!
what about 4 1/2 hours?
This although it <em>looks </em>like a hookah may be called a bong instead, because you have forgotten to add a metal screen on top the chillum so you can put a piece of burning coal into the chillum and then screen with the smokable stuff <strong>over</strong> the coal. That is what constitutes a real hookah.<br/>
you did it really well but what is hokka?
Generally spelt Hookah, it is a smoking device.
Nargileh, Hubble-Bubble, Water-pipe,
hmm, i feel a bong coming :|
I really hate smoking and stuff, but this is... a good Instructable.<br/><br/>I will definitely <em>not</em> do it, because it is bad, but many people <em>might</em>, so yeah.<br/>
I am very thankful to all u guys. I have made some changes in my instructable which i feel will make it a bit more acceptable. Do reply your comments back to me.
i respect that, but hookah is waayyyy less harsh on your lungs than any other forms of smoking.