Introduction: How to Make a HQ Trip Mine

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what you need

1. glue stick 
2. pen (only need body and tip)
3. 3 springs
4. paper clip
5. caps
6. tape (your choice)
7. screwdriver bit
8. nail or peg has to fit in pen body

Step 1:

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drill hole in pen

then add springs and peg

Step 2:

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bend paper clip to pull pin use tape to make sturdy

push down peg and insert pin to hold down


Step 3:

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glue cap to screw driver bit

Step 4:

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put in open end tie string to pin and burry pen body half way in to ground then pull or you can just hold and pull pin


R.A.T.M (author)2011-04-30

cool respnd to me

R.A.T.M (author)2011-04-21

lov it and hate it at the same time

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