Picture of How to make a Hair Clip Kangaroo!
I recently posted pics of a hair clip kangaroo i made a few weeks ago. here is how i did it. unfortunately the 1st step is the worst but once you get past it your in the clear. all you need is a hair clip, a good pair of pliers, and some very strong wire/metal cutters. If you have any questions or get stuck comment and ill do my best to help you.
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Step 1:

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the 1st and worst step. carefully cut the front of the clip in half.

Step 2:

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when your done cutting the clip is should look like this! pliers make these steps MUCH easier than using your fingers!

Step 3:

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Now for the last step, the head!
bcavaciuti2 years ago
my sister only let me use her old ones and they all snapped on me :( but i ove your idea very creative :D
botguy24 (author)  bcavaciuti2 years ago
that's to bad. :( but thanks for the positive feedback!
camefc3 years ago
can you make it bounce?
botguy24 (author)  camefc3 years ago
that would be soooo Awesome but no. :(
awwwww so cute!
botguy24 (author)  AussieAnglerGal3 years ago
thanks :)
Absolutely adorable! And great photos, too. :)
botguy24 (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks! Glad you enjoined it!