Step 7: Feet

Prep your old shoes with plasic bags. Use the canned foam insulation all over the shoes. When dry,carefully use knife and blade to create shape. Spray paint with black and blue to create desired color.

Using the arm material make cuffs to go above the feet, these were sewn and stapled.
Use canned insulation foam to build it out, let dry. Spray paint with black and blue to create desired color.
He looks a little bit "young" to be playing an M-Rated Game like Halo.
He's 14- small for his age, and his mom allows the game playing. <br>I only made the costume, not the rules.
Then again...<br>I'm the one who shouldn't be talking, I have been playing Halo since I was 12 (But it is Halo 1, so it is NOT NEARLY as bad as the current games!).
<p>i've been playing since i was 8, i got a halo four xbox 360 bundle and have been playing even since. i know as for some parenting it is good to keep kids away from stuff like that, but some families have different rules.</p>
Lol,love it cause ive been playing halo since i was6
I made this costume with a couple tweaks to make it all work for me and some items I had on hand. I couldn't post it in the reply though. I used my sons motorcross chest protector with shoulder protectors, a sea monster swim mask &amp; used the nose piece from it to attach the bowl with cans. My son said he felt like the bowl was too much wrapped around him head lol.
Lol, my kid had the issue with the bowl. Plus, he had glasses on under the mask. So happy I was able to help you with the instructions.
<p>This is a really cool idea, I love how you make this costume out of ordinary stuff.</p>
I like the costume but There is no radiator pack it is a methane tank (I am such a nerd lol) <br>Nice work!
It's not a radiator pack, it is a respirator pack. That's what I was told. Thanks for the compliment on the costume and continue with your nerdiness. =)
You should have him pose holding a plasma pistol and about to throw a grenade.
I have some from halloween where he is holding the needler.....i need to update the pics on the instructable!
great idea.....like a few have mentioned ,a needler would have gave it an A+++ instead of an A++...a &quot; grunt &quot; nice ible.
like the costume dude
You should make a Needler! That would totally complete the costume.
yep needler leads to an epic win
See new instructable!
Saw it. Nice!
except make a real Needler! hastle a couple of extra buckets of candy hehe! great work!
Hardest thing about making a real needler would be the firing mechanism; in Dr. Halsey's journals it states there is no connection either mechanical, electrical or other between the trigger and the rest... that she could see!
See new instructable!
See new instructable!
i couldent find a mask like yours :(
The halloween monster mask? I got it at for 4 dollars at a national pharmacy chain who's name is three letters.
its holloween
Cool costume!
Wow! This is really cool! I need to go to starbucks in one of these...
Great job! Everyone loves halo, and this is the best grunt costume I've seen! Although I do question being a grunt over an ODST or a recon soldier...
I like the idea of using a glow stick to create the glowing rings on the gas mask. That would really be cool on Halloween night!
This is AMAZING!!! Love the fact you didn't do a costume for a main character and instead did a Grunt.

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