Picture of How to make a Halo Helmet using Pepakura!
I saw a bunch of tutorials but many were incomplete or low detailed. So, here I have my first, er second Halo helmet, Please criticize all you want, I don't care if this is my first instructable though constructive criticism will help. 


Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need multiple supplies and a BUNCH of time, A BUNCH!!!
This may cost around $20-$50 depending on how much you buy.
You will need
-Card stock
-Paper Craft glue. Elmer's  is the kind I use. Try not to use any other glue as this type will bond paper better.
-x-acto knife/paper craft scissors (DO NOT USE REGULAR/SAFETY SCISSORS)
-cutting board (if you don't want your find wood table to have cut marks)
-Fiberglass Resin
-Bondo Bondo
-dust masks 
-some useless paintbrushes
-useless credit card
-Pep files(halo pep files)   
-pepakura viewer 3!


all the files you will need are up here. If you don't know what pepakura is, it is basically a program that converts a 3D object into 2D so you can cut and glue it after printing
This is the easiest way to make a halo helmet, I might add some more supplies later on
so read through carefully.
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TrucyW1 year ago

What's it like breathing in that?

naiomii1 year ago

What blueprint did you download to make the helmet shown? Im new to pepakura and I've already downloaded a helmet but it looks MUCH more complicated than what you have shown.

leoishungry (author)  naiomii1 year ago

Hi Naiomii,

I made this tutorial a long time ago so I don't quite remember what blueprint I used to make it. I do remember it was from a website that contained a bunch of other Halo pepakuras. The process of cutting and gluing is definitely the most time consuming part of the build but also isn't too complicated. When you print, you can set the tabs to have tab numbers so you can easily piece them together. It might take you a week to put everything together. Hope this is helpful. Sorry I haven't been on Instructables for a LONG time. :-)

Im pretty new to this, im designing a Dark Knight mask and was kinda curious, do you use both bondo body filler and putty or just either one? i already have the fiberglass resin, just was kinda questioning this part

Real cool ! For he record I will be making this soon !
what color red exactly?
Very nice! A bit of constructive criticism. When you use your bondo make sure you take your time, sand inbetween layers (thin layers make your work go faster) and keep repeating this processes over and over until your helmet/mask is perfectly smooth, then sand with FINE sand paper.
Takes more time but the end result is VERY satisfying. Good job though!!
leoishungry (author)  KemikalzAreFun1 year ago
Thank you! I haven't done pepakura or bondo since this last project as I've fallen kind of out of it. This was sort of my first major pepakura and I was relatively inexperienced. I also feel kind of stupid going back and looking at how I wrote things haha. I was the child who wanted everything to be done as quickly as possible so I could admire my end result. Appreciate the criticism despite my late reply eek!
Any recommendation on what resin to use?
leoishungry (author)  4lifenerdfighter1 year ago
I think mine was elmers but i'm not sure. It's been a long time but I remember it was a blue square bottle-ish thing.
I like your pep instructable. I finished putting my first pep together today of a halo smg because I thought it would be easier... I might have been way wrong. All those tiny *#%*%+ folds took forever! are the helmets like that too? Anyway, I'm waiting for the resin to cure and it probably took me 6hrs to put together. I spent 90$ up front to have a good amount of resin/bondo/paint for multiple projects. Why don't you use fiberglass sheets as reinforcement with the resin? I also left that out of my resin curing but wondered if you had a specific reason for it. I am looking forward to painting and weathering mine.. it looks fun. Hopefully the smg turns out good and then I'll post pics!
leoishungry (author)  Wolfbane2211 year ago
So I totally forgot about my instructables but just came back to see how it was haha.

In hindsight, I probably should have used fiberglass mat or sheets. Afterwards my helmet started to get all bendy and that wasn't good. My reason was I didn't quite understand it yet and it was kind of expensive so I decided against it haha. Yeah the pepakura part was a pain. $90 worth of resin and bondo should last you quite a while and good for you that you've completed it. Painting is the funnest part! Definitely post some pics when you are done!

I haven't used instructables in forever so forgive some of my immature tendencies in the yellow box notes.
budhaztm3 years ago
Water won't get the resin off but sometimes acetone will. Just be careful with that acetone, it's nasty
And how do you get the nasty acetone out?
budhaztm2 years ago
So how much bondo would you say to use? Would one quart be plenty?
leoishungry (author)  budhaztm2 years ago
yep, not alot is needed.
halofreak272 years ago
awesome!!!!!! i made my own its epic
mattchu2472 years ago
U did an amazing job on this
i know this is about 2 years late looking at everything Man i was trying to print out the helmet the other week and the numbers on the paper were totally put together so close over topping them so i couldnt use it
how do you put the scale and width and all that because i tryed putting in numbers somone put in theres and it totally changed them so thats why it printed out diffrent and over toping it
if u could email me at mattchu247@gmail.com that would be amazing
thanks also i bought a morphsuit from amazon it came from the uk its a tuxedo one so i think it wud be koool and funny with a halo helmet
panzer1013 years ago
nice man

you said the supplies cost around 50 bucks is that with/out printer?
mccannip3 years ago
those sponges are japanese.i'm japanese and i can read what it says...
what did you make the visor from
leoishungry (author)  darkscourge224 years ago
I bought one.
where did you buy the visor?
You can get them on ebay or amazon, if you want links to the gold shield that fits these style helmets visit: http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-make-halo-helmets and look in the materials section. In the attached pic it shows what they look like in the halo helmets.
bdavis234 years ago
how do u print it.
globogym4 years ago
never mind I figured it out:)
globogym4 years ago
I cannot for the life of me figure out pepkura. Could someone email me screenshots of their pepkura or attach something so i could still do this project? It would be so greatly appreciated:)<3
ahmed14114 years ago
hello for everybody

I need help .I need to know how i can make safety helemt by sample tools

nutupww4 years ago
Yea, every time I try to download the file it tries to come up in a PDF file. I have Pepakura Viewer downloaded and everything. Help?
William9304 years ago
Is there a way to get pepakura for mac?
I use Ubuntu linux, and it works somewhat under WINE. I a friend uses a version of WINE on his Mac, but he's quite computer savvy, so ymmv. WINE stands for Wine Is Not An Emulator. More info can be found at www.winehq.org
hey hope you're still on the thread I'm preparing to build my own W40k outfit with some pep files and i was curious how long it took you to build your helmet and about the amount of time a day you put into it? I'm hoping to get my suit ready by june for akon in dallas,tx. thanks.
leoishungry (author)  everydayastartes4 years ago
Hey! It's good to see people still intrested in this.
Pepakura will take most of your time.
The pep for the helmet took about 1 week maybe 2-3 hours a day and the rest of the helmet to finish it and harden it took about a week also but with lesser commitment. I think you will find it easier with each failure you make. I recommend trying something easy to pep and then going into the hard stuff.
Good luck with your outfit and yes, you will need all the time from here to june if you can make it fast enough.
and also, can you see through the visor?
leoishungry (author)  darkscourge224 years ago
Do I even need to answer?
leoishungry (author) 4 years ago
Vote for me :)
sk194 years ago
is that card stock u cut out in the 6th pic???
leoishungry (author)  sk194 years ago
sk194 years ago
did u use regular paint or spray paint
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