Step 6: Painting and battle weathering.

Picture of Painting and battle weathering.
Spray paints are usually a good choice.
I used
-little bit of gold but thats because I ran out of silver.
Spray on a layer of flat black primer.
next spray on a layer of silver

now to do the battle marks and weathering.
Its hard to explain so..
watch these videos. It is not me but he does a FANTASTIC JOB. I commend him.
Watch his videos, they are all incredibly cool



after you put your weathering scratches on
spray a layer of red paint.
now do what he does in the video and carefully scrape off the vaseline.
you will be able to see  the silver underneath.
to make more scratches take a piece of sandpaper and rub it against the helmet.
also spray some paint onto a paint brush and gently apply silver paint to edges.

next we begin the process of distressing
to distress, all you need is a
-useless towel rag
-black paint
spray your black paint and quickly wipe it away from the helmet.

in picture 1 you can tell where I distressed.

I saw on 405th.com that you use layers, prime - black - silver - then your desired color. Also you can spray your paintbrush with silver spray paint, then brush it on the edges only to make it look like it's been dropped. Crevises won't get scratched.