Step 3: Carve the Cakes Into Shape

Once the cakes are frozen it's time to carve.

I print out lots of reference photos in as many angles as I can get and lay them out on the counter so I can see them while carving/shaping the cakes.

I carved the head first out of the 6" cakes. Once it was done I put it back in the freezer and took out the 10" cakes and carved the torso. Once that was done it was back into the freezer while I made the buttercream icing.
FOR THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS CAKE!!! Can you please make this cake for my mother's 50th birthday, I will pay you for it and your time. please help
Awesome Instructable. here is one i made for my 13 year old cousin although not nearly as detailed as yours and i used chocolate playdough instead of fondount.
so is your cousin gonna eat the play-doh??
dude, is this spartan # 029? <br><br>(note that # was a random #)
Are you referring to the cake, or me? Either way, it's neither, heh heh! :)
WOW! Masterful work there!
Thank you!
wow my name is kane i feel so honored
I just used what we had on hand, which was Absolut vodka. Any kind will do as long as it's clear I'd guess. You can also you a clear extract like clear vanilla or lemon extract, etc. that's alcohol based so that it will evaporate and not ruin your fondant like water will. Water is great for sticking fondant on fondant though! Makes a great glue for fondant.
what kind of vodka<br>
WOW! Wish I had the talent and patience to make this for my young fella. He would be thrilled.
Thank you! :) In the middle of making a huge cake right now for a contest/show for next weekend and am taking a little break while I bake more cakes. I sure hope this turns out well! My first live competition and show. Scary, nervewracking and totally exciting all at the same time!
Good luck with it. If the Halo cake is any thing to go by, you should do really well.
The description sounds like the quick overview the dude from &quot;Ace of Cakes&quot; gives to the clients when presenting
WOW, didnt believe my eyes at first, great jov, 5 star and subscribe :D. You should make something that apeals to 15 year olds next :P
Thank you! <br> <br>Hahaha! Hard enough figuring out what appeals to 14 year olds! :P
I'm pretty sure for 15 year olds it's 'boobs'. Just make a cake that's sculpted to resemble a big boobed torso, maybe with a strawberry icing bikini top concealing any awkward details... Can't go wrong!
Hahah Plat! I'm sure you are right :P
Can you make a video on how to make the cake?
I find myself being jealous of a 14 year old.
To me it looks a little squished, but still very awesome and detailed. I haven't played Reach (yet) so I might be wrong.
Yes, it is a bit squished :/ Was just my 3rd ever sculpted cake so I'm still learning! I'm pretty sure I needed more support!
Ah, well I bet it still tasted good! Great job on the cake sculpting, I wouldn't be able to do that well.
It's been done:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Weighted-Companion-Cube-CAKE/<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Companion-Cube-Cake/
now thats just epic.
Noble six is honored in a cake <br>coolio

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