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• Hammer Head (this one is a French Cross Pein, hand forged out of tool steel!)
• Wood • approximately 1.5” x 2” x 12” (I used TulipWood mostly because I had it, but I would recommend Hickory for it’s strength and flexibility)
• Tung Oil
• Scrap steel (for wedge)
• Slow cure epoxy

I made it at TechShop! For more about TechShop, check out their site: http://www.techshop.com

Step 1: Cut Material to Size with Band Saw

• Use the band saw to cut your material a 1.5" x  2" x 12" block.
• Next draw the profile of the hammer handle and use the band saw rough out the shape.
This is a French pattern Blacksmiths hammer or forging hammer also known as the French locksmiths hammer. Good work, an odd shape for a hammer handle though. <br>
It's a french cross pein hammer for forging semi-precious non-ferrous metals; it's not upside down.
Either wood or metal or even both are good as a wedge, even a steel tube/ring... the wedge should go across the head to spread the fibres into the recesses front and rear (if you look inside the head it is tapered at the top - when the head is the right way up), this stops the head flying off in use... and yes, why have you fitted the head upside down?
Store bought wedges are aluminum or wood. You can expand the wood in the eye hole using linseed oil. The fit you achieved is not good. I also agree with rimar that you mounted the head upside down.
One question, I think i heard that metal wedges are bad to use compared to wooden ones. i am not certain only heard it from a couple sources
Nice work, but isn't upside down the head?

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