Picture of How to make a Harry Potter Music Parody!
In this Instructable I will go over how to make an effective parody of a popular music video! We will be making a Harry Potter version of Forever. Some things I will go over are:

- Writing Lyrics
- Recording the audio
- Filming the video
- Compiling audio and video

This is my first Instructable and I was not planning on making it, so sorry for the lack of pictures. I will do my best!
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Step 1: Writing The Lyrics

Picture of Writing The Lyrics

The first thing you need to do to make a parody is to pick a song to make the parody of. The song Forever was chosen because it has a very different feeling than Harry Potter, adding to the comedy aspect of the parody.

After choosing a song, the lyrics need to be made. Find a copy of the original song's lyrics and start thinking about how to adapt the new song to the original. Look at the rhymes, syllables, and themes of the original song. Try to take themes from the subject of your parody and apply them to the original song. You want the parody to be similar so that it can be recognized as a parody of the original.

It helps to think of words from Harry Potter when making the Harry Potter parody. Words were replaced with things unique to Harry Potter like snitches, Hogwarts, witches, spells, etc.

Step 2: Recording The Audio

Picture of Recording The Audio
Next, you need to use the lyrics to record the audio of the song. The audio has to be recorded separate from the video to make it the best quality. It is useful to find a instrumental version of the original song and listen to that using earphones as you sing the new verses into the microphone. Import the audio onto a video editing program to add to the video.