Introduction: How to Make a Harvest Apron

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I love to garden and always wanted to make a Harvest Apron.

A harvest apron is great to collect vegtables and fruit from the garden.

Step 1: Materials

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1. Two yards of fabric * I used 2 different fabrics a yard each

2. Thread

3. Shoelace 36 inches long

4. Pattern *I found this pattern on pinterest under harvest apron

5. Sewing machine and tools

Step 2: Sewing

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1. First, iron the fabric.

2. Second, cut the pattern....I just eyed it from the online directions. I had 2 large apron pieces and three strips for the ties.

3.Next, pin the two large apron pieces together.

4. Start sewing.....follow the online directions.
4a.Sew across the top of the apron. 4b.Attach the strings between the two fabrics at the top sides. Make sure it is sewn securely.
4c. Fold the seam over the string to form a pocket for the string. Do that on both sides of the apron.

5. After the strings are in and the sides are sewed. Pull the string tight to draw the apron pouch up.

6. Fold, pin and sew the apron and string like the sides.

7. In the front I made a v like shape for the string to come out and tie.

8. Last, I attached the 3 strips as the waistband and ties.
8a.The large 25 inch pieces I sewed as the waistband.
8b. I took the two 10 inch strips and fold them in half longways and attached them to the waistband.

Step 3: Apron

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All ready for the Garden!

Step 4: Harvest Apron II

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As another growing season aproaches I had to make a few more harvest aprons for my daughter’s. Having one just wasn't enough!

Red Apron-Vintage fabric and an old 1950s table cloth that was my grandmother's. The tablecloth had seen better days so I upcycled it into this apron. I placed the pull strings on the sides.

Blue Apron- vintage lined fabric with blue plaid. I placed the pull string in the front on this apron. I like the front pull string better.

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Nasriyn (author)2015-06-27

I absolutely love this!! I've never seen one. I'm gonna make some for my garden club! Thanks!

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