video How to make a Hazardous Material Canister!
Some Sci-Fi Ratioactive Prop is awesome! I love it!

Link to the Radioactive!

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GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
does it work? i got some real americium and i need a place to put it D:
tinker2343 years ago
do you mind telling me how you did the text in the test film
lhall13 years ago
if you put some finely minced tin foil it will give it a awsome glow but cool video
muttyfutty5 years ago
Love the opening!!!

also, verry nice canister, I think I migt try a 'biohazzard' one...
Nykus795 years ago
Cool Idea... Maybe i should build few like that and bring to police station "Hey... I found them lay around at street"
Jave.Geddes6 years ago
How about a video on how to use cool effects in videos, so we can make our own?
sonnimo12346 years ago
Great project +5
Transquesta6 years ago
Cute. :-) Now, to make it look right, put an LED throwie in the bottom to make it 'glow.'