Picture of How to Make a Helicopter Ornament
This helicopter ornament is made out of a clear glass ball, wooden spatulas/ice cream sticks, and some odds and ends in the workshop. I really just used whatever I had laying around except for the glass ball.

I made this a number of years ago at Christmas for Thing One (an ornament tradition - every year I make them an ornament for the tree, building them a collection) before Thing 2 arrived. Now I'm making this one by request from Thing Two so that they both have a helicopter.

Thing Two likes green. A lot.

Here is a list of the things you'll need:

Clear glass ornament (got mine at Michaels)
Wood spatulas or ice cream sticks
bamboo skewer
1/2" wood dowel - about a 1" piece
1/4" dowel - about a 4 " piece
quick setting epoxy
assorted rivets, washers, eye hook
paint (I used modeling enamel, found with the models at Michaels)
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Step 1: Rotor Blades and Feet

Picture of Rotor Blades and Feet
Thee rotor blades and feet are made out of the spatulas/ice cream sticks.

Two sticks in an 'X' - these are the rotor blades
The 2 feet are both double thickness, each is just two sticks glued together.

I used white glue  and brushed it onto the sticks, then clamped them with the mini clamps until dry - I gave it about an hour.

crazy jam5 years ago
That is really sweet, maybe it would be cool if you could put something inside the ornament
A "ship in a bottle" type Santa, maybe? Now that would be a challenge! LOL
Very clever! (And cute too!)