How to Make a (Hexa)Hexaflexagon





Introduction: How to Make a (Hexa)Hexaflexagon

So many of you have probably seen the Video by Vi Hart about Hexaflexagons. I found that her 'Tutorial' was to fast paced and I could not keep up so I made this Instructable! 

But what is a hexaflexagon,
that is explained in the video, if you have not yet seen it, below!

Step 1: Printing

First of all download the template which can be found right here, below in the pictures.
Then print out the template and start cutting.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut along all 4 sides as exact as possible. If you can use a cutting machine otherwise just you scissors.

Step 3: Folding

Now fold all of the triangles one on top of the other so that you end up with a triangular spring. Do this both ways to make it very flexible later.
Then make a horizontal strip out of the triangles as visible in the second picture.

Step 4: More Folding

Now with the strip fold it into a hexagon leaving the triangle with the x on it upright for gluing.
Then glue the triangle onto the hexagon and you are done.

Step 5: Coloring

This step is optional but it is easier to make a fineman diagram with colors. If you do not have that many colors you can just change in shape or symbol. If you want to you can also draw sick patterns on to them to make them look a lot cooler.



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how do you get the template

How do you fold the second part if the third step?