Make your Pocket HD Camcorder into a Helmet Cam for biking or other fun activities.http://www.lookingforadventure.com/adventure/helmetcam.htm

Step 1: What to Buy

First buy the Sony Webbie MHS-PM1 HD Camcorder with Swivel Head
Next buy a Bicycle Helmet if you dont already have one
Next buy Velcro Straps
Next buy a Cell Phone Carrying Case
While I still think it's cool that you made this and it's a pretty good idea, you could also just buy a gopro 960 for around $150 it is more versatile (dozens of mounts) and probably has better audio. I dont recommend buying the camera with the swivel head just for this, however if you already have the camera it's a pretty good idea.
I really dont think there is anyway you could copyright sticking a ready available camers to a cycle helmet Get Real Dude - If youve never dabbled in copyright law - let me tell you it is a damn sight more complex than - I had this idea first !!!!<br>Its great here on Instructables for people to share some ideas - its fun and usuially cheap but hardly ever commercially viable !! I say all this in love I love Instructable ideas - lets stick to sharing some of our intelligencya !!!
If he wanted to legally protect his idea of mounting a camera to a helmet, I believe that would be a patent, not a copyright. <br> <br>I believe what is being copyrighted here is the PICTURE of the camera mounted to the helmet. I also believe there are several levels of copyright protection. Even if there was no (c) notice on the image, I believe he has a certain level of protection/ownership of the photo. Placing the (c) notice gives him an additional level of protection, and actually registering the copyright is the ultimate form of protection. <br> <br>But, again, this would be for the picture, not the idea displayed in the picture. That, I believe, would require filing a patent.
Why did you reproduce this here? L
I don't think I understand the question..are you saying why is this article on other websites?
I'm asking why it's now on this website, do you hold the copyright? L
I'm the first one to come up with this design idea because this camera with the swivel head just came out. Do you think I need to register this idea with the copyright office?
(see answer below to hammerhead, sometimes it's not clear where stuff is coming from around here) L
RighteousDude owns lookingforadventure.com. Look things up before you blame people for stealing material.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.lookingforadventure.com/howard_polley.htm">http://www.lookingforadventure.com/howard_polley.htm</a><br/>
I've not blamed anyone for anything. If RighteousDude owns the copyright (which is not obvious or deducible from the instructable or profile) it should be stated for the sake of clarity. People do rip stuff off around here, those whoe <em>are</em> republishing their own stuff do well to say so.<br/><br/>L<br/>
what's your question

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