Introduction: How to Make a Homemade Water Park With PVC

Is it hard to get your kids outside? With one of these homemade PVC water sprayers, it is easy to get the kids outside. They can have lots of fun and be safe in their own backyard. This is a great way to cool off in the summer heat.

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Have fun and be safe.


CharlesQ1 (author)2015-05-10

I see in the end of the video that you have the top bar spraying up. I am assuming, therefore, that you did not glue any of the connections. Have you had any problems with the water pressure pushing the connections apart? I'm planning on constructing a slightly more intense version and would love to be able to disassemble it for storage or cleaning but I don't want to find myself pushing joints back together every half hour either.

LOTL (author)CharlesQ12015-07-12

They have PVC Unions that you can use that would allow you to take it apart wherever you place the union. Would add some cost to the project though.

SpecificLove (author)CharlesQ12015-05-10

I did not glue anything, but with a low pressure hose, I did not have any issues unless the kids ran into the pipes. Also I did not press all of the connections together as hard as I could because planned on taking it apart. During the taping, it did come apart once but I think it was my fault. I also had another person make this setup and they said it worked great for them.

ReyC3 (author)2015-05-07

Great idea, I have what I need to make this right outside.

SpecificLove (author)ReyC32015-05-07

Awesome, have fun

scientist80 (author)2014-07-14

Well what the he'll dude. HOW DO U MAKE IT

SpecificLove (author)scientist802014-07-14

Watch the video

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