How to make a Hoodie Dress (Recycling a T-Shirt)

Picture of How to make a Hoodie Dress (Recycling a T-Shirt)

Do you have a big T-shirt that you never use? Well on this tutorial I give you an idea to recycle into a comfortable Hoopie Dress!
You only need to by a few yards of fabric, you can make it shorter also.

What you need.
  1. T-Shirt
  2. Fabric: Jersey or Lycra
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Scissors

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Step 1: First Step

Fold the fabric on the opposite side.

Pin together one of the edges, as you can see on the other side you'll have to cut then pin the edges of that side.

On the middle by the edges, as you can see in the picture, Pin this part to use as guide to cut later the shape of the skirt.

Now measure your waist line, to know exactly the middle fold the fabric and mark/pin it. Set on the fabric your measures is very important to pin/mark this.

Cut the shape you just mark on the fabric to create the mold of the skirt, when you'r done cutting both sides sew the edges.

Don't forget to fold and sew the bottom of the skirt to give a finishing touch

Step 2: Second Step

Mark the neck line and cut.

Pin this part to the skirt very carefully and as you seen on other tutorials sew it together.

And you're done!! You just save a few bucks by recycling a T-Shirt! :)
This is absolutely beautiful my daughter is pregnant and I think this would be fabulous! ty so much I really hope I can find that exact material because I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!.
creid34 years ago
how much fabric do you use?