How to Make a Japanese Lampshade.





Introduction: How to Make a Japanese Lampshade.


This time, I try to make a lampshade.
Because, this lampshade tears...
How to make is simple.
I blow up a balloon, and I put a Japanese-paper on one.
I give it a try!!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

a balloon
a Japanese-paper
a wood glue
a brush
a bamboo stick

Step 2: Blow Up the Balloon

Air the balloon and blow it up.

Step 3: Mix the Wood Glue and Water

Both are one to one.

Step 4: Prepare the Japanese-paper

It's called "shoji paper" in Japanese.

Step 5: Cut the "shoji Paper"

Cut it into a square

Step 6: Paint the Wood Glue

Paint the wood glue

Step 7: Like This

Put the "shoji paper" in the whole of the balloon.

Step 8: Bend the Bamboo Stick

Bend the bamboo stick with a pan.

Step 9: Boiling

It boils for five minutes.

Step 10: Like This

Step 11: Wind the Bamboo Stick

Wind the bamboo stick on the balloon.

Step 12: Finally

Finally, break the balloon.



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really amazing lamp.. I just loved it.. if Japanese paper is not available, can u suggest any other papar ..

Thank you for comment! You can make it of thin paper!!

Nice lamp shade! It looks very simple to make. Thanks for sharing this!

This lamp shade is Japanese famous material! It's subdued light.

Really nice project. I think I'd cut the paper into strips and wind it in a spiral and either put a second layer on over the bamboo or put the bamboo on first.

Thank you for advice! I want touse that asreference

Awesome lamp. Where do you get the shoji paper from?

Thank you for comment! I got it from "TOKYU-HANDS". It's a Japanese home improvement center.