Step 2:

Make sure your water bottle/2 liter bottle is clean and label free.  Some Goo Gone or WD40 will take off the adhesive. Fill the bottle with water and put a drop or 2 of food coloring in the water.
Jan. 2017, trying this for my daughter. We have regular 2L pop bottles and are having an awful time getting the "head" to fit past the small opening once the air is added. Are you using a wider mouthed bottle?
<p>I did use a regular size 2 liter bottle. Use what ever you want to make this work for you. It really won't make any difference. Thanks for asking and commenting.</p>
Very nice. but if there was a longer transparrent pole you could hook up an arduino and motor then it will automaticly twist <br> <br>Well Done
You know I still don't under stand what an arduino is and how it works. That would be cool. Maybe you need to upgrade this instructable with an arduino and motor. I would be blown away. Thanks for looking.
I live in South A so I don't even <b>GET&nbsp;</b>ardunio but if I had the time I could make a schematic that doesn't involve ardunio. It would use tilt sensors to reverse the current going to the motor then once its turned reverse it again.<br> <br><br> <br>Pretty simple I will put &nbsp;up some drawings soon. MAke it then give you credit for my idea :-&gt; :-&gt; &nbsp;or :) :)<br> <br><br> <br>

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