How to make a quick and simple Jewellery Roll with two zipped pockets, large pocket and ring holder.

You will need - outer and lining fabric (I used velvet and satin for my jewellery roll), iron-on interfacing, two co-ordinating zips, co-ordinating thread, a small piece of velcro or a metal snap.

Step 1: Cut Out Fabrics and Interfacing

From outer fabric: 20x30cm for the exterior, 8x15cm for ring roll

Lining fabric: 20x30cm for lining, 20x40cm for pocket panel, 2 pieces 20x20cm for upper zipped pocket, 2 pieces 20x10cm for lower zipped pocket, 2 pieces 6x30cm for ties

Iron on interfacing: 20x30cm for lining, 20x40cm for pocket panel

I only used interfacing for the pocket panel and the lining as they were the bits I felt needed a bit of reinforcement but you can reinforce as much as you want.

Press flat the lining and outer fabrics, and iron on the interfacing. Press ties in half lengthwise, then fold raw edges in and press again.
This is a great idea! Does it get very bulky when filled with jewelry? I guess the size of the pieces would affect that. I am DEFINITELY going to make one for when I travel!<br />
Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this lovely piece.
That's a great way to store jewelry when traveling, and it looks really nice too!
That would make a nice gift...especially if one adds a peice of new jewery too. It looks great!
This is awesome! You make it look so easy - I'll have to try it. ;)

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