Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

simple really lots and lots of junk/scrap peices/ left over ikea funture peices (lol)
you will need
glue: lots and lots of glue any glue will do , gorilla glue,super glue, any glue

again any tape will do gorilla tape, duck tape (or is is duct tape im not sure)  

lighter (optional)

I love this. in my spare time I'd make things like this (on much much smaller scales though) like paper-clips and screws etc. <br> A &quot;Show your Junk-Bot&quot; category would be awesome on here. I think that will be my first project to post on Instructables.com. every time i made one of the minis I'd think how neat it would be with an LED here or there and maybe just one or two electronic/functioning features.<br><br>
ya i make lots of little ones to and acually therear 2 leds a motor and 2 working speakers.i was going to post how to add them but i thought it would be easyer to just show the base model if you want me to add them in i will gladly just say so

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