Picture of How to make a Kayak drainage port
I've been Kayaking for several years.  As much as I love getting out onto the water I don't look forward to the necessary cleanup.  Oh, for the most part it's really straight forward but the way kayaks are designed drives me absolutely bonkers.  They mold the kayaks to create a deep cockpit that is absolutely impossible to empty of water.  Now don't get me wrong, my kayak doesn't get filled up when I'm paddling about, it gets filled up when I have to hose out the muck and grim that gets inside it from hopping in and out. I usually launch from the water's edge and not a dock so I usually end up with a small amount of mud, sand and such on the inside.  The cockpits are lipped on the edge so even flipping it upside down and rolling it back and forth won't get everything out.  In I go with my various methods of water drainage - e.g. cups, sponges, towels, etc...

I can't imaging why they couldn't build proper drainage into the production molds but since they didn't I decided to take matters into my own hands.  A quick trip to my local depot store for a few odd pieces and I was ready to get started.  Never shy to Frankenstein my Kayak to make it more usable, I grabbed my Dremil and swung into work with careless abandon!