How to make a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts ( Cheap )

Picture of How to make a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts ( Cheap )
I recently posted a photo instructable but the community insists that turn it into a step by step intructable detailing the build process. Heres my attempt to make an instructable for the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. First things first; materials. 

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Step 1: Materials

1. Foam Board ( The kind you get from Staples, get lots of it like 3 or 4 boards )
2. Spray Adhesive
3. 1/2 inch PVC pipe ( get at least 4 feet )
4. Hot Glue
5. Super glue
6. 1 inch PVC pipe ( get like a 1 foot or 2 feet )
7. Plumber's Tape ( its not what you think its for )
8. Large Cap 
9. Drywall Spackle
10. Metallic Spray Paint
11. Gold Spray Paint
12. Filler Primer 

Step 3: Cut out the Foam Board and Glue it together.

Use the cut outs to cut out 4 layers of foam board for each part. Remember that you have to cut out the handle twice, meaning 8 boards instead of 4. 
After you cut it out glue 4 layers together for each part with spay adhesive. After the glue dries, sand it smooth with fine grain sandpaper. I already painted the PVC in this picture. I indented the handles by drilled a 1/2 inch wide hole that went through the first layer. 

How large should the handle and bottom key part be? How much do I enlarge the paper?

duje.vjesnica2 months ago

how much does exactly cost

I'm from New Zealand and the materials cost a fair bit. Instead of the PVC pipe for the handle I used a wooden dowel which was a bit heavier and cost just less than $10 NZD for 1 meter length. I used 2X 10mm thick, A3 sized PVC foam boards for cutting out the shapes of the hand guard and they cost $10 NZD also. You can use any kind of paint and adhesives so the costs vary. Use these tutorials as more of a guide than a step by step instruction. FInd whatever is cheapest and available to you.

duje.vjesnica2 months ago

how much does exactly cost

Awesome! :D
Hi, how large do I enlarge the drawings of the handle and blade? If i print in landscape it is much larger than print in portrait. How long should the final Keyblade be from end to end?
Tyhker1 year ago
Any ideas on attaching/making the keychain part? Might be a useful additon
I'm sorry, but you said get a a foot or 2 of 1 inch PVC pipe?? What is it used for?? And I see you have smaller PVC pipes that you didnt list...
keyblade4321 (author)  moesatriani2 years ago
You dont need to be a plumber too attempt this step. All you need is the cartridge thingy . I cut it in half to mount the shaft to the guard. Also thanks for the support.
batman22312 years ago
cool i need this
That looks awesome! Great job putting it all together :)
mikeasaurus2 years ago