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After seeing that my keyblade slideshow got so many views I thought I should show you how to make it. It's hard and doesnt break very easily. This is Sora's Kingdom Key but with different colored tape you can make Mickey's. Also it is because of Legofanatic that i decided to make this. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

Silver, Blue/Red, Black, and Yellow Masking (or gold if you can find it) Tape
6-7 Toy lightsaber blades
7 Keychain rings
1 Keychain clip
Scissors/Exacto Knife

For the red or blue tape, if your making Sora's Key youll need blue tape. if your making Mickey's, Youll need red tape
JosephZ1 made it!6 months ago

I used a wooden dowel instead of a lightsaber

JosephZ1 made it!6 months ago

I used a wooden dowel instead of a lightsaber

Higley10894 years ago
Pretty good Mines made of wood though it keeps it sturdier. But good effort.
FFVIIBOY (author)  Higley10894 years ago
actually mine is pretty strong
is every keyblade made of duct tape
FFVIIBOY (author)  skittledork1675 years ago
only the good ones
GTRPLR19955 years ago
Where did you get the heartless shirt. OH, let me guess. HOT TOPIC
FFVIIBOY (author)  GTRPLR19955 years ago
No Comic Con New York, i told you on one of your other comments, but Hot Topic might be a good place to get a Nobody shirt cuz i really want one
yeah, and I think you can get gir shirts there too. lol
FFVIIBOY (author)  GTRPLR19955 years ago
AWESOME! one kid at my school has a sweatshirt like girs
FFVIIBOY (author)  GTRPLR19955 years ago
i know its green and stuff but doesnt cover your face
FFVIIBOY (author)  GTRPLR19955 years ago
but its still cool
lemonie5 years ago
That looks pretty impressive, overhead attack-picture with a "Raaah!"?

FFVIIBOY (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Thanks, but i really need to make the blade and hilt smoother
Re-work it and you'll get there, but it's big and impressive.

FFVIIBOY (author)  lemonie5 years ago
its actually pretty much the same size as the one in the game. In the game its 3.5ft, mine is 2.8ft
It's still a big weapon. Attack-pose photo for image #1? You know really posing for a killer-swipe?