How to make a K'nex solar alarm clock with built in small electronics charger and lockbox.

Picture of How to make a K'nex solar alarm clock with built in small electronics charger and lockbox.
Here it is. The first knex solar alarm clock. This has taken me over a month to design, build, rebuild, perfect, and make instructions. In fact I ran out of parts and had to take several things apart to finish it.

Anyway this project works by harnessing the sun, using the solar motor sold by knex.com. You set the Solar Receiving Unit or (SRU) on your windowsill or wherever the sun first shines in the morning. Then when the sun hits the solar panel it turns on the motor. On the main shaft there is a gray clip that spins and hits a plastic ball, which in turn makes an annoying noise to wake you up.

This also has a power button to turn it off once you are up. Although it is still smart to close the cover on the solar receiving unit when you get up to prevent a burned out motor.
There also some added features. One of them is the small electronics charger. Anything that is thinner than 1-¼ inches will fit in the charging slot. (A Nintendo DSi was used in the pictures.)
Another added feature is the “lockbox” on the bottom. It has a latch on the right side of the door to keep it from opening. It's a great place to store video games, small toys, other knex, etc.

The main down-fall of this device is that the sun does not shine through everyone’s window at the same time every morning. But don’t worry there are still ways to make it work as long as you have a window in your room. Check out the last step. 

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I bought the solar power 10 models kit but the motor did
n't have the motor shaft. Where could I get one?
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do you need the solar panel?
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i was the 100 person to rate!!!!!!! five stars muthafucka!!!!!!!
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wahahahaaaaa! i have 20-20 vision foo!  you go get some glasses! haha :D

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