Step 8: Handle Making Time!

I could have sworn I had more pictures of this, but Im sure you will get the point. So, with your handles securely attached, Take a saw and cut of excess. You may also want to use a wood remover. After you get most of the extra off, take the dremel with the sanding wheel and begin sanding it down. You want to make the edges round and maybe also put in nice finger grooves. Trust me, it makes it much more comfortable. 
Hi, thanks for the good instructable. It looks really nice the knife? How long did it take you in all? Also just wondering if you could help me out with something. I really want to make a knife but I can't heat treat it. Is there any way to not heat treat it or get a different material that doesn't need heat treating? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hello, and thank you. I did it over multiple weekends, so if you had a dedicated time, you could probably make one (depending on size) in three to four days. Now, as you can see, I made this one quite a while ago. If I did it now, there are quite a few changes I would make.<br><br>There are many good 'ibles on here on how to heat treat using various techniques ranging from a heat treat set up to a simple coal fire.<br><br>However, if you would be unable to do any of the above, you may be able to get something like a used machete that has a proper steel blade, cut your knife blank out of that and make it if you are careful not to over heat it as that will ruin the steel and it will have to be treated again.<br><br>I once made one from a high tension carbon steel table saw blade. That knife retained it's sharpness for a good while. I still have an inch long scar and a cut nerve in my thumb to attest to that. Just proofs that everyone makes mistakes.
Thanks for the advice. I'll have a look for the 'ibles as I've never seen them for heat treating. I can probably do the coal fire one if you can do it in a barbecue thing. I'll probably have a look on Freecycle for old saw blades and things. Rather you than me with the cut, bet it hurt! Thanks again for your advice and time, much appreciated :)
you should have put more of a serrated edge on the back its not hard to do
Hi, the filings on the top of the blade is not meant to act as serrations, but more as a decorative design.
that knife is perfectly made its amazing how much do u sell them for <br>
Thanks, I appreciate it. :) I don't really sell my knives, but I'm looking into it now. Working on a price.
that is really cool you made that alone?<br>do you know how to fight and is this just for self pretension?
Thanks, yup, made it by myself.<br>Well, yeah, actually, I took MMA and Tae kwon do. And some other things, but, no, knife making is just a hobby of mine.
Whait a minute... no Heat Treat?<br>Hmm....
Hi, sorry, I didn't include heat treating in this instructable because there are so many others that have it. But the steel IS heat treated. Sorry for not including
Wops... so that's another story, and makes it a real knife ;-)
Haha, yeah. Thanks. Hope you like my instructable, even with its missing heat treating step :)
Oops, thats not what I call pliers... I call it a wrench...

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