Introduction: How to Make a Kydex Holster for a Gun DIY

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This is a video of How-To make a Kydex holster for your gun.

For more details go to my YouTube channel  SlavicFMJ, I have a video of me making it.


2 x Sheath/Holster Making Foam - Thermoform Molding - (Mega Form) - (12x11.5x1)
9 x Eyelets - #8-9 (1/4) - Gunmetal Finish - (for .080-.093 KYDEX™)
1 x Hand Setter Kit - (#8) - (for 1/4 inch sheath rivets)
4 x Chicago Screws - Black Oxide - #8 - (.1875 x .250) -
1 x KYDEX™ Sheet - Black - (.080)

Step 1:

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- heat gun
- oven
- set of screwdrivers
- drill with 1/4 inch bid
- Dremel with stone/sand paper attachment
- 150, 300 and 500 grip sand paper

Step 2:

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Anyhow. In the video I talk about what I made and how but a few things I left off and they are not in order:

How to set in rivets/eyelets:

Use a punch kit that I have in description. It consists of a metal base and a metal punch. All you have to do is to put an eyelet through your sheet of Kydex, then set it on a base and punch on the other and hit a few time until rivet will expend and look good.

How to sand down the edges:

Use low grit sand paper at first and make your way up to a 500 (fine) and make sure you sand down all the sharp corners EVERYWHERE.

Step 3:

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How to make belt loops:

This one I forgot to film, so read carefully. First decide what size of a belt you want to use it with. For mine I had a 1.75 inch width. So that means I need my loop to be in rectangular form 1.75'' long and 3/4'' wide and 0.5'' thick.  So to make them I cut out a peace of wood size of 1.75'' wide and 0.5'' thick (length doesn't matter) so then I took my heat gun and heated up a strip of kydex of the right size with some room to spare and after you get kydex to about 300 F it becomes really soft and you just wrap around your piece of wood and in a few minutes it comes out the shape you want. (if this a sucky description, I'm sorry, English is not my first language)

Step 4:

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How to bend the edges of a holster:

Very easy. When you holster about to be done and all is left is to curve it to the right angle, use a heat gun and warm up the edge you want to bend (not Hot but warm) and gently force it to bend where you want it to bend.

If I missed anything or if you need more explanation, let me know and I will make sure to help answer your questions.


p.s. It's my first instructable. More to come.


TaraS32 (author)2016-01-24

Thanks this is very helpful. I'm going to be trying to make several things, holsters, sheaths and others from kydex. And your English is superb and the description was excellent. :) Thanks again.

CementTruck (author)2013-10-23

I love Kydex! I started out with ABS plastic but it is so much harder to work with.

SlavicFMJ (author)CementTruck2013-10-24

Yeah Kydex is nice. The 0.06 give the best definition, while 0.093 and up you really have to watch your temperature to not burn it.

CementTruck (author)SlavicFMJ2013-10-24

This one was the one I made for my SR40C with .093. I just used lower temp but left it in the oven just a little bit longer. I've got a designn idea I've been kicking around for an all-in-one (IWB/OWB/Belt Loop/Removable Belt Clip) hybrid system. Ill post as soon as I have perfected and built the first prototype. The one in the pic is a modified Old Faithful holster.

SlavicFMJ (author)CementTruck2013-10-29

oh that's cool. I need to make myself a good hybrid holster too.

FletchINKy (author)2013-10-12

This is from a video:

SlavicFMJ (author)FletchINKy2013-10-14

yep, that is my video. I tried to make this a video instructable, but after an hour it still didn't work, so I gave up and made a picture one. But a link was in the description. Thanks for watching!

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