Picture of How to make a Kydex holster for a gun DIY
This is a video of How-To make a Kydex holster for your gun.

For more details go to my YouTube channel  SlavicFMJ, I have a video of me making it.


2 x Sheath/Holster Making Foam - Thermoform Molding - (Mega Form) - (12x11.5x1)
9 x Eyelets - #8-9 (1/4) - Gunmetal Finish - (for .080-.093 KYDEX™)
1 x Hand Setter Kit - (#8) - (for 1/4 inch sheath rivets)
4 x Chicago Screws - Black Oxide - #8 - (.1875 x .250) -
1 x KYDEX™ Sheet - Black - (.080)

Step 1:

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- heat gun
- oven
- set of screwdrivers
- drill with 1/4 inch bid
- Dremel with stone/sand paper attachment
- 150, 300 and 500 grip sand paper
I love Kydex! I started out with ABS plastic but it is so much harder to work with.
SlavicFMJ (author)  CementTruck1 year ago
Yeah Kydex is nice. The 0.06 give the best definition, while 0.093 and up you really have to watch your temperature to not burn it.
This one was the one I made for my SR40C with .093. I just used lower temp but left it in the oven just a little bit longer. I've got a designn idea I've been kicking around for an all-in-one (IWB/OWB/Belt Loop/Removable Belt Clip) hybrid system. Ill post as soon as I have perfected and built the first prototype. The one in the pic is a modified Old Faithful holster.
SlavicFMJ (author)  CementTruck1 year ago
oh that's cool. I need to make myself a good hybrid holster too.
FletchINKy1 year ago
This is from a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1hYtSZzEs8
SlavicFMJ (author)  FletchINKy1 year ago
yep, that is my video. I tried to make this a video instructable, but after an hour it still didn't work, so I gave up and made a picture one. But a link was in the description. Thanks for watching!