How to Make a LEGO Keychain.





Introduction: How to Make a LEGO Keychain.

Hi, I first got the idea from Gunk On Floor's instructable (It was LEGO man-Keychain). I liked it, but I wanted the chain to be somewhere else so I decided to make this.

This is very easy and cheap, will only take you about 1 minute or so.

What you need:
LEGO man or brick.
Hook thingie (look at picture).
Chain thing or string, just something so it can stay on a key chain.

P.S: Sorry about the blurry pictures, I couldn't find my camera so I had to use the webcam.)

Step 1: Screwing on the Hook.

Ok, this only works with a Lego figure without a hat or hair, I'm still working on that.
You need to screw the hook into one of the little holes in the figure's head, and then screw it in.
The head MIGHT pop up so then you have to unscrew a little, push the head down and hold it really tight, then screw it inside until it stays.

Step 2: Adding on the Keychain.

Now all you have to do is add on the key chain and you're done! I hope you liked my instructable!

Step 3: Extras...

Here are some other things you can do with the hook and chain to Lego items!

( I ran out of hooks, and I need to buy more :-P )

Thanks for checking out my instructable, I hoped you liked it!



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For hats you could use a tiny drill bit and drill from the inside of the hat. I would suggest using a nail starter/punch to get a good center started. Pre-drilling and adding a drop of super glue for the hook is probably best-practice anyway.

I may shell out the $5 for an official lego keychain just to disassemble and see how they allow for the head-turning. It can't be all that complicated, but there is only one way to find out....I'll report back if I ever get around to this.

In looking at the disassembled lego man in another post, it just dawned on me that they (lego) probably use a hook with a long enough shank (or whatever you want to call it) and glue/affix it into the body only. This would allow for the head to rotate, but prevent any vertical play at the same time.

The red r2 is either r4-p17 or r5d4

this is just a bit random but the white/brown"R2-D2" thing is R7-A7
its quite cool.


I think it is a good idea to put a small neodymium magnet in on of the holes a hot glue it in it make it easy to hang your key's on a refrigerator or light swich

This is a cool idea. My son will like this. BTW he says "The red R2 was in fact an R5-D4 from Episode IV..." I have no idea but he can quote the movies and tell me stuff I never knew. Cool 'ible!

Finally something to do with all those lego dudes.

that it really cool. i would make one to put on my key chain, but i don't have one. lol.

You can find them almost anywhere! 99 cent store is a good place, they must have like little toys on them or something.