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Hi people! I have'nt been on instructables for a while, and today i'll show you how to make a LEGO frog! Don't forget to comment!

Step 1: Grab parts!

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You will need:
2x2 -45° ramp (2x)
45° ramp corner (2x)    | < Use these if you don't have a 3x4 25°- 45° ramp cap (I found one in my LEGO box but it's back in i think).
1x2 45° ramp (2x)         |
-45° ramp corner (2x)
1x1 ramp (4x)
1x2 45° ramp (2x) <You need these, don't think these are replacements for the 25° - 45° ramp cap!
1x3 curved ramp (2x)
2x3 plate (1x)
1x1 plate (4x)
4x4 plate (1x)
1x2 plate (6x)
2x2 plate corner (2x)
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