Introduction: How to Make a Lego Bin

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You will need :

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You will need:

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You will need your 1x2 flat and 2x2 brick first. 

Step 3:

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Put your 1x2 flat on top of your 2x2 brick.

Step 4:

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You now need to put the 1x2 sloped handle on the 1x2 flat 

Step 5:

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Put the sloped handle on the 1x2 flat. 

Step 6:

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Now you heed to put the 1x2 brick next to the sloped handle.

Step 7:

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Then put the sloped 1x2 on top  of the 1x2 brick, then you are finished. 

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Step 9:

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I recommend putting it in a street scene or just as a prop in animation. 


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Bio: Well i am just another normal kid that loves to make lego models and sharing them with the interweb!
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