1/14/2012. Hello, this will show you how to make a small Lego vending machine that actually works! With all the parts ready to go this will take you about 5 min. to make.

Note: this can hold up to 4 little "coke cans" (those Lego round thingies)

Step 1: Materials

this is what you need!

Step 2: The Prosses

now just look at the photos and follow them...nice and easy!

if any parts need clarification please feel free to comment and ask!

Step 3: Adding the Mini Coke Cans

just do as in pictures

Step 4: Finish

hope you learned something from my instructable and until next time...good by!
you entered this contest too right? (toy challange 2)
I will believe me.
can you vote for me?
here is my <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LycTSD5Zmo4&feature=plcp&context=C385728bUDOEgsToPDskJU-hptPWNKV0y54tyqiq46" rel="nofollow">new vending machine</a>.
i just made a new HUGE vending machine that exepts <u><em><strong>coins</strong></em></u> to operate and you can load up to like <u><em><strong>15 cans</strong></em></u> that i had in this machine!<br> <br> <br> <br> i will post video soon!
oh view the second image on the intro- an animation!
How do you do that? Ive always wanted to know.
photoshop animation: if you want me to do something like that give me the pictures and tell what order,how long each,etc.<br> .<br> or if you really want to make one yourself you can go <a href="http://gickr.com/" rel="nofollow">here</a> but it has a limitation plus there logo on the bottom
<p>it is kind of normal and it sucks.My vending machine needs a coin to get the stuff.</p>
<p>whats &quot;prosses&quot; its actually spelt process</p>
Mine is kinda different, only 2 options and didn't have holed blocks so I used a different method. Works great! Thx for the tutorial man!!
<p>that is COOL!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>respect this is awesome</p>
<p>Lol thanks bro!</p>
you should make it bigger and put mms or skittles in it.
nice it's COOL!!!!!!
You are a genious, my friend =D

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