How to Make a Light-Up Lightbulb Flash Drive





Introduction: How to Make a Light-Up Lightbulb Flash Drive

We are going to be making this! \/

Step 1: Materials

1 Light bulb
1 Flash Drive w/ built in light. If you do not have one, search instructables on how to add an LED to a flash drive.
1 LED (if needed)

Video Tutorial \/

Step 2: Remove Casing From USB Drive

Remove the casing from the flash drive. Be careful not to damage anything!

Step 3: Remove Filament From Lightbulb.

Break in the filament on the bottom and slowly take it out.

Step 4: Bend the Bottom

Bend the opening on the bottom so it is wider and can house the flash drive.

Step 5: Glue the Flash Drive In

Glue the flash drive in and let it sit.

Step 6: DONE!

YOU ARE DONE!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

For an example of it, watch the video in step 2.

Email me or comment with your results.



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Hi, I've added your project to the "Unusual Uses for Light-Bulbs" Collection

This is the link If you are interested:

I would suggest filling the entire light bulb with hot glue or clear epoxy, and then breaking off the glass part (to leave a solid glue bulb) that way it is much more durable

ShakeTheFuture did that with Instamorph

That's a good point. Maybe it would be better to coat the inside of the bulb with a thick layer of the epoxy


that is a wicked idea man, that would be awesome!!!

There are two problems, one, not enough pictures or details. How do we know this works anyway. Two, the picture on step 2 isn't even yours. Give credit to that person.

1) i agree, give credit to the owner of the pic in step 2 2) how will it not work?

I didn't say it did not work. I said how do we know? This could and probably does work. I just want to see more pictures...