Picture of How to make a Lightbulb terrarium

I'm elkom and in this instructable im gonna show you how to make a lightbulb terrarium!
This is my first instructable so please say me if I did something wrong. Thanks!
So it all began whan i saw a dead lightbulb by a plant in my living room,
and i thaught what can i make out of it...
I got the idea to make a terrarium, i grabbed all the items i needed and began to  thing and go outside to get the plants...
Later on i decidet do make an instructable out of it but my camera was bad and so the pictures werent good, and here I am
Where i tell you how it began...

So let's get started!
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
To start of here is a list of all the items you need:
-Empty lightbulb,
-Wire stand (mine is pre-made),
-Plants (i used moss),
-Small Stones (not shown),

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Step 2: The start

Picture of The start
First prepare the lightbulb if it isn't.
Then make a stand if you haven't.
And las but not least, put the light bulb in the stand.

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Step 3: Soil

Picture of Soil
Put in the soil.

If it is too wet put it in an aluminum foil bowl on the heat. 
Put it on 3-5 level of the heat.
CAUTION: Be aware of fire!
And whatch out how it is. (I can't say the exact time becaouse you may have a differend heat)
When You think it's done get of and let sit for a few hours.
For best result get 5 minutes before it's got all dry on the heat and let sit for 12 hours.
Next, croumble the soil in small crumbs.

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Step 4: Plants and watering

Picture of Plants and watering
Put in the plants.

I used moss.
But you can use anything you want.
Here are some examples:
-Tiny flowers...

When you have putten the flowers in place,put in the small stones and then water the plants.

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Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish

That's it!
Enjoy your litlle lightbulb terrarium.



carm151 year ago
Very cool instructable. I made 4 and planted herbs in them and left them on my kitchen window sill. They look amazing when you have multiple ones.
rvt19851 year ago
Congratulations on your first Instructable! Your terrarium looks very cool. I have a few questions about the process because I'd like to give it a try:
1) How did you empty the lightbulb? What kind of tools are needed?
2) How much of the plant's roots are needed for a successful transfer?
3) What kind of care does the finished terrarium need?
elkomkom (author)  rvt19851 year ago
First thanks!
Second answers:

1.) How did you empty the lightbulb? What kind of tools are needed?
a: i broke the black glass on the end of the lightbulb and i broke the inner glass with a screwdriwer and becouse it was croumbled it just fell out.

2.)How much of the plant's roots are needed for a successful transfer?
a: i dodnt look at te roots, but you can put how-ever you want.

3.)What kind of care does the finished terrarium need?
a: nothing special just dont water too much and dont expose too, too much in hot air or light or place, becouse the water will be burned becaouse of the hot place/air and try to go out and it wil fail and the inner glss will get muddy...

Thanks again.
Thank you so much!
elkomkom (author)  rvt19851 year ago