Picture of How to make a LilyPad Arduino LED skirt
The skirt blinks randomly when it gets dark.
To see the skirt in action visit: http://collarandlapel.com/category/rock/lilypad-arduino-led-rock-lilypad-arduino-led-skirt/

Material lists:

Lining (I have used medium-weight cotton.)
Elastic tape
Sewing Yarn
Sewing machine
Bias Tape

LilyPad Arduino
Several LilyPadLEDs (you can also use normal LEDs, but please consider that you will also need resistors)
Conductive Thread
Sewing needles
LilyPad Light sensor
Battery holder

Step 1: Tulle Skirt Pattern

Picture of Tulle Skirt Pattern
Make the skirt pattern as specified above. If you want the skirt more fluffy, just add some more layers of tulle.
SusanS111 months ago

I was wondering how the skirt stays poofy: is there a petticoat underneath the skirt? Did you just put some layers of tulle? Thanks!

Cool,I like it

what a great idea! I love it!
I like it
This project is beautiful! I really like your stitching pattern.