Picture of How to make a Lizard Leash
A lizard leash will prevent your reptile from getting you from you but in my opinion its not worth paying $9.00 for so i made one my self.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Youre going to need 4 ft of some kind of thick string or thin rope, scissors, straw, ruler, id card or thin plastic but strong, and hot glue.

Indy Dawg1 year ago
That's just animal abuse your poor little bearded dragons arms are forced backwards.

How would you like it if I forced your arms backwards?

And it isn't animal abuse. People all over do this.

airsofter3015 months ago

It probably does hurt/irritate the dragon, so maybe you could make like a zip up sweater-like contraption with an attachment to put the leash on to walk your dragon with. And no, this isn't animal abuse. People all over who have bearded dragons walk them with a leash like this.

It is a good idea, not having to pay anything for a leash.

izzayzayy1237 months ago

I don't like this sorry to say. Its arms are forced backwards and it does not look comfortable for the poor lizard. I'll be making a leash for my beardie soon and I will put it on here

This definitely does not look comfortable for the lizard. Not only are the arms forced backwards, but the arms could easily escape those holes, and it would really help if something was supporting their belly. And maybe use something other than a straw. Or at least...don't make the straw have direct contact with the beardie...that's gotta be really uncomfortable...especially if the straw moves positions then the ends would scratch the beardie.

slanktree1 year ago
This doesn't look very comfortable for your poor beardie there needs to be something under him to support him
antrobus4 years ago
In Florida we use the thin long leaves from palm fronds and tie them into a little lasso to catch and walk lizards
vinsslaurie4 years ago
This guide is helpful, it can teach people how to make a leash, but I would definitely change the title to “how to make a small lizard leash”; as I was hoping to find a guide to help me make my own leash for my lizards, I realized that hot glue would break almost instantly for my lizards are pretty large (black-throated monitor, Argentine black and white tegu, and green iguana). I do think that this is a good tutorial on how to make a leash for smaller lizards such as the bearded dragon shown in the pictures though.

I am not certain of the degree of comfort/discomfort the reptile would feel to be stringed up like this though, commercially available leashes for reptiles seem to offer more support to the chest through leather bands and that might be the best way to do it. Their prices are ridiculous though and I understand why someone would want to build their own.
fegundez14 years ago
good idea, i too wouldn't pay 9.00 for this ! It probably works better too.
pyro=fire5 years ago
my beardee freaks out when she has a leash on