Picture of How to make a Longboard (Revised and updated)
This instructable is going to be a basic guide on how to make a longboard.
Since i can not  possibly cover everything, and also since a lot of the learning comes with experience, you will need to do some research and experimenting on your own. Building a longboard is not a simple task and it requires patience, hard work, and attention to detail.
Hopefully i can share with you what i know, and what has worked well for me, so that you too can start making boards for yourself, and maybe even friends. 

If you are really new to this, you might not even know what longboarding is. If you have no idea what longboarding is, then i would refer to this instructable first: http://www.instructables.com/id/Longboarding-what-is-it/

Ok you want to build a longboard!
Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Longboard building is not cheap, but if you do put time, care, and effort into your boards they will last you a long time. Your first few boards will probably break as mine did, but once you get it down, you will have lots of boards to ride, and possibly sell. I would recommend starting out with a simple design and then move onto more complicated designs once you have board making down.

Please note: The instructions and techniques come from all different sites and i am just putting it all together into an instructable. I am not stealing the information, i am using what i know wand what knowledge others have shared with me.

Here is a good website to help you with building if you get stuck.

Finally: *I am not responsible for any injuries, build boards and skate them at your own risk. Please always wear the proper safety gear when skating*

Wadea5627 days ago
Im planning on using your instructions to make a longboard this fall any changes to your instructions and do i need the vaccum bag to complete the longboard. Thanks though for the instructions so ready to make my diy longboard
Ok, I am new to longboarding and am thinking of making one this summer. First off, I was thinking about making a foam press like this one http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Longboard-Skateboard/step3/Glueing-Pressing/ Do you think this will be ok?
Next, I really have no clue what the demensions should be. I guess it will be 4 feet long, but how wide? I am probably going to make a design like the second picture on this page (Go Ride!). Lastly, I also have no clue what types of wheels or trucks to get. I am new and dont know which are good and bad, ect.
u shouldnt make a board longer than 45 inches
if your like 5 years old.... my board is 54 inches long. why should it be so short? answer: it shouldn't. Long longboards are easier to control downhill. short boards are more for boardwalk cruising where you have to dodge people a lot.
GabeG1 pyoung44 months ago

Short boards (36-38) are the best for sliding, and much easier to go fast on. Long Longboards are for cruising and stuff.

You best be trolling. A friend of mine has an 84 inch board and it's brilliant...
I've seen 1.5 meter longboards. (60in) you can make them as long as you want. Just make sure they are stiff enough.
You shouldn't give advice unless you know what you're talking about. What is your reason for not making a board longer than 45"?

10 inches wide by 38 inches long is a good dimension.

i have a couple suggestions on hardware, the three most common trucks i think are bears(my fave), paris, and randalls. you can do your own research for what truck is best for you.

as far as wheels go, hawgs, abec11, orangatang, seismic, sector nine, etc. lots of wheels to choose from. wheels have a couple main differences. durometer(durometer is the hardness of the wheel),the higher the number the better for sliding. lower, the grippier. lots more to talk about.

bearings, i don't know much about.
Hey I have a BAMBOO PLYWOODs to sale- I started to import 100% natural bamboo plywood straight from China especially for LONGBOARD DECK MAKING.
Contact me: bamboo.plywoods@gmail.com

Hey, you still have that? Do you have a website or something? I want some bamboo deck wood.

Hey, yes we r still importing plywoods, u can check our website or contact via email. Www.bambusowe.com Info@bambusowe.com
PrastawaA11 months ago

is it good if i use teak wood to make a longboard? in my country, to fine maple wood or baltic birch wood is very difficult. please give your opinion.

Barrettkg made it!1 year ago

Following your guide, I was able to make my own (with a few changes). Three years later and its going well. Some cracks in it but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of it and its still riding smooth.

ktm88881 year ago
Sir how would I make the wood super strong
All bases well covered! Good job!
Thats sweet
Rockitalk1 year ago
Great work! Thanks for the kind words about Roarockit...we work hard everyday to help board builders and are always trying to keep costs down on veneers, glues, TAP vacuum bags, etc.
SirDubz4202 years ago
Hello I have a few questions, would I be able to use this method with bamboo poles I have in my back yard? if so would you be able to give me advice going in that direction?
My email is JoshuaWellborn@hotmail.com
Rubiz2 years ago
Is it too late to add concave after the glue dries?
donkeyknee2 years ago
Its good
lratl12 years ago
That is perfect for doing tricks I couldn't do an ally and now I can
GDADZGSONS2 years ago
Very sorry about that. It is very annoying.
GDADZGSONS2 years ago
Sorry about that computer went haywaire:[
GDADZGSONS2 years ago
Are you on silverfish longboarding?
GDADZGSONS2 years ago
Are you on silverfish longboarding?
GDADZGSONS2 years ago
Are you on silverfish longboarding?
GDADZGSONS2 years ago
Are you on silverfish longboarding?
GDADZGSONS2 years ago
What is the name of your board design? {If commercially available}
lauti20002 years ago
i have been wanting to make a longboard but dont know what typer of trucks bearings and wheels to get do you have any suggestions
Randalls or Paris 180s. Depends on what sort of riding you want to do.
Very nice instructable. Well described steps.
if i were to not use fiberglass and just birch, how many layers of 1/4 would i need? im 180
arobertson44 years ago
hey will 3 layers of 1/8 inch be enough plus 2 layers of fiberglass? i weigh around 175
u need at least 5 layers wood and and 4layers fibreglass

im 90 pounds and i can easily bottom out a board with 4 layers of wood and 2 fibreglass

more fibreglass will give the board a livelier flex
for the best flex use over 8 layers of fibreglass with epoxy resin instead of polyester resin
ps dont buy automotive fibreglass
8 layers of fiberglass? that would make the board rock solid, and very uncomfortable to ride.
Maco133 years ago
Where do you buy your birch? Is it a store or a website? I've got no stores near me and I can only find one website.
the aforementioned website www.roarockit.com sells all kinds of build kits for longboards and skateboards, in addition to all necessities for building. word of advice though, look elsewhere for your Titebond III glue. Amazon has a great deal on it.

Where about are you from? If your in the UK most timber companies sell birch plywood at various thickness.
Ne1410is3 years ago
Do you put arches in your boards
How may plys of birch should I use if I was going to build a 28 inch dropthrough and I wanted it to be pretty flexy? Thanks

Where about are you from? If your in the UK most timber companies sell birch plywood at various thickness.
mir0k3 years ago
Do you have any advice of proper adjusting trucks when you don't have a center line anymore? Thanks.
samdaman3 years ago
i was wondering how many layers of wood and what thickness i would need to build longboard. im 6'1 and 225lb's
you'll need 4 plys of 1/8 and you'll have to apply fiberglass.
cfox93 years ago
hey guys i need some info on building a long board. i am 175 pounds 5'8ft and i already know the design of my board, i just need to know what size of plywood(maple, oak, etc.). also how many sheets of plywood, and number of sheets of fiber glass. finally how long should my board be?
garrettkula4 years ago
do you think elmers wood glue is ok?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  garrettkula4 years ago
hey bro! some kid on here was talking about using fiberglass. is that nessasary? because I'm not a spoiled little midget that can just ask my parents to buy me everything. and fiberglass is expensive here. i know they put it in professional boards but then other professional boards don't have it.
Don't worry, it works fine i used it
benguit14 years ago
am i okay if i take 4 sheet of 1/8 of oak and put 2 sheets of fiberglass or i need 6 sheet of 1/8 of oak and put just 1 sheet of fiber glass? (sorry for my english)
more than 4 sheets of fibreglass will make a way better board
welliott24 years ago
hey question what do you personally do the make the indentation where the wheels are.
ccook104 years ago
How many sheets of wood do you usually use?
I have a question. I live in Santa Cruz CA, and I am having a hard time finding Maple or Baltic Burch up here that is not ply. Any suggestions on websites? I have yet to find any that are not on the east coast.
hey i live is sc too. go to aura woodworkers or whatever. they can order 1/8 baltic birch


I am really unsure. You might just have to work with what you got and see how it turns out.
jinx522664 years ago
I got a 5x5 sheet of baltic birch, how can I cut it?
Use a skilsaw.
It would be easier to just lay weights on the wood with it elevated replicating the press force rather than blowing $20 on building one.
You are not going to be able to get a nice concave that way. The weights work well if you are making a rocker, type board.
nkwok4 years ago
the wood that i found at lowes doesnt have any filling inside, and they only have 1/4 in thickness im around 100 lbs if I use 2 sheets will it support my weight with a little bit of flex?
rcarson1 nkwok4 years ago
Well what type of wood is it?
rcarson14 years ago
After I put glue on and put the sheets in the press, will the press itself have enough pressure to keep the sheets glued together? or will i need calmps?
skim14 years ago
For grip tape, my friend used 3M safety walk tape (Anti Slip Tape) and he says it works better than normal grip tape, and its super cheap.

Just a suggestion
Why is it better to "glue" two sheets of wood together? what is wrong with one thicker one?
one thicker one will not bend in a press as well as two thinner sheets and when the glue dries between the thin ones it locks the curve in
Kryptonite4 years ago
Is this design capable of taking a 'drop-through' mounting method?
yes you just have to have the know how to make the hole for drop through and you can make it
tscharrer4 years ago
Hey i was wondering what kind of glue to use. What is the best? Also, I made a board out of 3 layers of 1/4 oak and it snapped with fiberglass on it. So I am going to make one with 3 layers of 1/4 Baltic Birch. Do you think 2 layers would be ok with two layers of fiberglass. Will it break? Have any of your baltic birch 2 layered boards ever broken? Thanks
Instead of buying grip tape (and i have no idea if this would work, just my creative side speaking) could you, 15-20 minutes after add your first coat of clear coat (or until it's tacky) sprinkle some fine white sand onto the clear coat, and have it stick, but after that, finish adding the other 3-4 coats? Because I like to see something on the top of my board, and if i had done a pinstripe/ graphic on the top, or some fancy thing with some wood laminate, I would want to see my work.

Once again, no idea if this would work, it seems practical, but I'm not sure.

I love longboarding, the only problem is that all the coordination i have is in my hands, so i won't be doing any tricks anytime soon. Plus most of the boards i like tend to be a little out of price range...
I believe that you could put sand on the board as an alternative to grip tape. I think it makes more sense to only have one coat on top of the sand, because (especially with "fine" sand) you might end up covering your board in sand and then smoothing it out with the clear coats, meaning you wasted time and a few handfuls of sand.

Worst case: just put tape on top of your sandy monster. Haha.
I guess fine sand isn't really what i meant to say, I don't want the stuff that you find in hourglasses, but no too coarse that I have to hit the grains with a hammer 37 times just to get the consistency that I want.

I'm not too into the sand terminology, but the sand you might buy for a kids sandbox or just sand you can find on any old riverbank.

I can see why you might only want one coat on top of the sand, but thanks for making me seem like I'm not completely off-base.
Check out coarse grade sandblasting sand, I think around the 60 grit mark. (http://www.princessauto.com/workshop/air/sandblasting/sandblasting-accessories/8200552-greenblast-crushed-glass)

I used that, coupled with a MinWax Polycrylic applied with a spray gun on mine - sprayed a light coat, sprinkled, sprayed, sprinkled where I missed, sprayed x 6...

Turned out nice and smooth, semi-gloss finish, been riding it for 2.5 years, and it's finally needing a touchup this year. I don't ride barefoot, and it didn't destroy my shoes in any way (even my old Cons...)

The 10Kg bag of glass was under $10, the poly was about $13, bonus, the glass was made from recycled glass.

The only thing I'd look at changing is the latex-based poly - I think pinholes/missed spots may sightly contribute to the loss of grip over the years....

The only drawback in the re-application is if you had a custom painted design on top (I just have green-stained wood) - I imagine that you'd need to scrape and sand carefully, as paint remover/stripper would remove the design ;)
Haha. I'm not exactly a sand expert either. Let me know how it works for you though, I'm working on a board now.
I'm about to start working on one, I've got most of the things i need except a press and one more sheet of wood (i'm using 1/8 in. Maple, cutting two sheets in half to make 4 layers).
I am so jealous of you. I'm the kind of person to experiment, and I would have loved to try something besides the super-common birch, but I can't find a supplier anywhere. I'm in northeast Florida, and the only local place doesn't have anything close to the size I need (only 2 or 3" wide strips)...
I had to order mine from a specialty store. My local store only had maple as plywood and pre-made cabinets and flooring.
They have "see-thru" grip tape. :)
this is also a good option
try using castor sugar or crushed glass on a resin.
some people use castor sugar on windsurf boards and it works well, except its more for barefoot riding.
the crushed glass is savage, but will last forever, just be careful about how coarse it is or u will rip up the tread on ur shoes.
Styrre4 years ago
I thought about creating a drop-through-deck but will the board be able to bear my weight (80 kg) well enough? I believe that the part of the board where the trucks will be attached must be a little less strong compared to an ordinary deck, am I right? How thick must the deck be around the trucks to not break?

I've tried to find the answers on Google but I haven't, maybe you could help me?
I'm really glad for any answer!
jgrennan4 years ago
Where did you find the sheets of baltic birch in the picture above?
What I Am Trying Figure Out. When you said that you want two two by fours on each side of the press. Have less then Eleven Inches But More Then 10. Well those two boards on the side of your picture Five. That you said were two by fours. Are like tiny pieces of wood that are not two by fours. Is this correct. Or I Wrong.
bchandler5 years ago
Hey, I was wondering how to cut out the holes for the trucks if we were going for more of a loaded dervish look.  Or where would I find the demensions?

if ur using randals then go onto their website and they've got drop through templates for all of their trucks, but if not just google a 'universal drop through template' but be careful to pick an 'old school and modern' template.
TYL3RWOLF6 years ago
WOAH!!! your a chick??idont know any girls that longboard, that B-A-D-A-S-S!!!
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  TYL3RWOLF6 years ago
hahah i just pulled a picture from the web this is not actually me.
But there are many girls that longboard such as this one:
she is really good.

i wish i had ppl to longboard with, im in a very small town wiht lots of hicks. but everyone thinks i look like the flyest MF in town
haha thats the way to be, it dles suck when you have no one to go with man, i feel ya, i live in a university town and everyone here rides sector 9 and all they do is cruise from class to class and no one is really INTO longboarding if you know what i mean
yeah I know what u mean, there are the noobs who think their cool and 'longoard' but put them on a decent hill and they crap themselves. I only have 2 friends who do serious longboarding, but around my area im too scared to ride my lovely earthwing supermodel cause someone mite mug me for it :(
Raydoom4 years ago
? how do u cut with the grain on plywood .the wood gets thatched over each other
Don't use plywood, It isn't strong enough, When somone mentions 'ply' anytime on this instructable it means how many sheets of wood (not plywood, but one solid piece of wood) are layered to make the deck.
um no it is plywood and btw plywood is stronger than a solid piece of wood because of the cross grains inside of it.

so in other words plywood is layered to make the deck.
you could do it with 1/32 veneers but you would need a vacumn bag to get even enough pressure
Komunity4 years ago
Dear God that deck look SEXY
Looks awesome! Do you know how to add camber? Also, like other people asked, does crisscrossing the layers make it stronger or will your design hold up?
Raydoom4 years ago
you almost double the stength of the deck by cris-crossing the grain
topgun3054 years ago
Note to users: Be careful with powertools while doing this project.

Lesson learned.
How would oak work? is it strong enough if i ply two 1/4 inch boards together? and would regular birch ply be strong enough if i can't get my hands on baltic birch.?
yes oak, is a tough wood. red oak is great, but hard to cut...,, personally i think maple looks sexy, you can add a quilted maple veneer to sexify it
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  crobertson935 years ago
I am not sure man, you will need to experiment for yourself.
derbr074 years ago
i made one like your first one the ceviche looking one but your boards take alot after loadeds nice
elnicko4 years ago
So did u make all the layers have the grain going the same direction. Or did you make it length, width, length, width... ?
garrettkula4 years ago
i'm going to glue 3 sheets of 1/4 inch birch together for a longboard, and put it into my press. should i glue 2 let its dry and glue the 3rd on, or should i glue all three at once?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  garrettkula4 years ago
i would do the 2 and then the other
redtraceur5 years ago
Hey can you please reply wich kind of wood is the best. is 7ply good for this or any other idea??
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  redtraceur5 years ago
 Baltic birch wood or maple has worked the best for me.
kk thnks
Appollo644 years ago
Where can you buy grip tape at?
princes auto! (my favorite store
aragog1314 years ago
could you post a new way to make the bolt press as it is a bit unclear to me
gofish3264 years ago
I made a press almost exactly identical to the one you made, and I'm using 2 sheets of 1/4 inch birch. How long would you recommend leaving them there to dry if I used a generous amount of Titebond II Premium?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  gofish3264 years ago
At the least, 24 hours.
Patented4 years ago
Hey , very well done Instructables !

I am definetly making one !

But I got Questions for you:

Using 1/8 Birch wood, is 2 ply enough for 130 pounds ?

Have you ever tried to sandwich fiberglass over your board?

Oh and wont the wood ''drink'' all of the paint ? should we put some clear stuff on before painting ?

Thanks very much ! Well done !
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Patented4 years ago
No you will probably want 4 ply for using 1/8th birch. Sandwiching fiberglass is a great idea and it works the best on the top and bottom. SO if you have the skills then i would recommend doing that. The wood will not drink all the paint, it should just absorb enough for the sheets to stick together. No need to put clear on before painting. Hope this helps!
evander6 years ago
if you wanted to make a tail how would you go about doing that?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  evander6 years ago
you would put a triangle piece on the very end of your press, so when it pressed down it would slant up on the triangle making a tail.
Also with this press would it be possible to give the board camber?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  vendetta 24426 years ago
Yes. If you do a triangle like suggested, then you could get a tail like so.
would the triangle be placed at the end of the press? like before the cross rib?
thank you very much
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  vendetta 24426 years ago
Yes, it will allow you to have camber and concave. You will want to make a press like in this picture so your board gets concave. You can also make camber by putting a small piece of wood in the middle so when it presses down the middle stays higher than the sides making camber.
102_1770.jpgBoard press drawing.JPG
yes but if you put a piece in the middle wont the sides only bend down that far too because of the flat piece on top giving the board concave?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  vendetta 24426 years ago
Well the piece you stick in the middle needs to be shorter than your two side pieces. So it still presses down, but is not too high.
k I guess that sort of makes sense but I still dont see how it could press all th plies together equally even around the edges
thanks that helped alot, does this press all the plies together too or is it just to get the concave and camber?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  vendetta 24426 years ago
You put all your plies in the press, and it forms all those plies to your desired shape.
sorry I keep making alot of comments but is it possible to press the board and give it camber and concave at the same time?
do you think you could put a picture on of how the triangle should be put in, I don't understand what you mean.
krummark4 years ago
would you recommend using veneer or plywood?
dcpriest4 years ago
can u use skateboard trucks?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  dcpriest4 years ago
qwertypas5 years ago
we laminated two quarter inch birch plywood with contact cement wood glue and we have 3/16 concave curve but when we put 2 by 4's underneath and stand on it, it touches the ground. how can we fix this?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  qwertypas5 years ago
I am not sure man, it sounds like you did everything right. Keep experimenting.
you would have to cut one end of your deck by how ever short you want it or make a new one. if you didn't understand what i said you might understand this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5TTwC-5P1U . i hope this helped.
This is awesome! I have been longboarding for about 4 years but i just dont have the money to buy all the different boards i want so this will definitely help me out. Im going to start building right away!
sk8er65 years ago
5 stars
casulties115 years ago
i like the sector 9 kommi board and i need a template for it. i dont have a board shop near me or id go there and get help. any help?
SO when you cut the board do you have the grain going with the length or the width?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  trubledyouth5 years ago
Alxman5 years ago
I found a longboard deck that my uncle built a long time ago in the basement... its in pretty good condition, but when i stand on it, it seems to weak and I'm worried it might break. Is there a way to reinforce it? I may just redrill the holes for the trucks to redistribute the weight, but it wasnt pressed and it was made out of one piece of wood... What should i do?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Alxman5 years ago
If it is just once piece of wood, yeah its probably not too strong and has a good chance of breaking. You could try glueing another piece of wood on the bottom of it, but ultimately it may just be too weak.
Alright thanks for the help
ezekiel375 years ago
how could i mod this press to get some camber???
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  ezekiel375 years ago
You can make the middle section raised higher than the lower section, if you do so when you press your board it should have camber.
notanemo5 years ago
i am using plywood for my longboard. can i shape it, or would the glue just pop it back flat?
Well best methods would be either use a press or use the weight method. Since I'm too lazy to build the press I just stack up two 2x4's on both ends of the board, and put a weight where I think it should be. I usually use 25 pounds or so and it gives it a nice curve. Then screw in wood screws one inch apart around the perimeter of the board. If you want to shape it manually with your hands you're gonna have to have a way to keep it in its shape until the glue sets. The wood screws are essential to get full glue cover and not have any areas where there is no glue and the board can come apart.
Great Instructable, where is the best place to buy wheels and trucks, how much should I expect to pay for them? Thanks, Clemsonguy1125
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  imthatguy11255 years ago
You can get wheels and trucks online from various longboard retailers. Thats probably the best place. Trucks are usually around $50 and wheels are usually around $50 aswell.
http://cgi.ebay.com/LONGBOARD-SKATEBOARD-TRUCKS-and-70mm-WHEELS-HARDWARE-/170512378589?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27b3546add#ht_2796wt_1001 so are these bad quality or a great deal, I dnt know much about the hardware for longboards
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  imthatguy11255 years ago
Those are not the best. They are blank wheels and the trucks are not even reverse kingpin (longboard trucks). Some good trucks are randal or paris.
abadfart5 years ago
might i suggest using a table mounted router to cut the board out
abadfart5 years ago
the third board on the last step looks like the dervish thats what the girl that got me interested in long boarding has
gibson06085 years ago
what kind of wood do you think would be best for a longboard i wanted to be really light and flexible?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  gibson06085 years ago
Bamboo or Baltic Birch
bbyrne5 years ago
my comment regards the sixth picture on step 2. could that press hold more than one board?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  bbyrne5 years ago
You will only want to press one board at a time, if thats what your saying. Remember a board is made up of plywood sheets.
cpucreator5 years ago
Hi I was just wondering, would this specific bolt press e able to press bamboo wood? P.S Im using two 1/4'' sheets of bamboo and one 1/16'' sheet of hard maple.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  cpucreator5 years ago
Yes it will be able to press bamboo. Your layup sounds perfect.
shredderZ5 years ago
Is this veneer or plywood?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  shredderZ5 years ago
It is plywood.
quesoman5 years ago
 i just finished making a board and i went off a curb and it snapped. im gonna make a new one tomorrow since i have enough wood. when i made the one today i made the mistake of cutting the pieces of wood across the grain.

ill post pictures of the broken and soon to be made boards soon
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  quesoman5 years ago
You always want to cut your sheets with the grain, instead of against. Glad you realized that. Whats your layup for next time?
quesoman5 years ago
 An idea i found while watching a video on youtube of a guy making a board. for the weight press, dont carry over all those cinder blocks and such, just drive over the board and leave it under your car tire for a good 24 hours.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  quesoman5 years ago
Im not so sure about that....
 Hi, Im thinking of making a 36' dervish lookalike. I weigh 140 pounds, and would like a good amount of flex. I will be using baltic birch but I am stuck between 2 sheets of 1/4" or 3 sheets of 1/8". Would like to fibreglass the bottom too.


I just made a board very similar out of 4 sheet of 1/8th and i was surprised on how flexy it was. So i would recommend 4 sheets of 1/8th and definitely fiberglass the bottom, that will give you springiness and more strength. Sounds awesome!
shopatross5 years ago
is a concave nessary for a shortboard as in one like 24 inches long?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  shopatross5 years ago
Concave is what strengthens the board, i would definitely recommend it.
Tornado965 years ago
LOL the first time i saw this I thought it said lego board!
Ck3Mi5 years ago
You're talking about baltic birch and maple...I have a problem, I'm french and I can't find a proper translation of ''baltic birch''... I'd like to know if it would be good to make a board only in 1/8 maple... like 4 plys..??
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Ck3Mi5 years ago
 Yeah that would be just fine.
qwerty125335 years ago
How do you find the template??
 Tape some papers together then draw whatever you want your board to look like.
I would also like to know...
quesoman5 years ago
 The 1st two pics are the board i built 10 months ago. it is very dirty cuz i just got back from a ride around town with mis amigos. the last two pics are of the gravity 55 ed economy i bought for 80 dollars from daddies.( i love that shop). 

BTW i am contemplating selling the gravity. if any one is interested email me @ quesoman451@yahoo.com.
pictures 042.jpgpictures 043.jpgpictures 044.jpgpictures 046.jpg
 i cant find any BB or oak wood in lumber! does it matter if its plywood? Well i can find oak but its 1 inch thick
 I guess use the plywood then.
youngest5 years ago
Does it matter if when u press your board the board touches the base plywood because that would make it too concave, right???????????????????
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  youngest5 years ago
 Just dont tighten down your press so much that it touches the bottom.
 hey i am so glad i read this. this helped me out so much....one question tho. I am trying to make a board similar to the dervish. What wood should i use and how much? also like you showed in the press section. Does the bolt press only do camber and not concave? (or the other way around) but what would be the best for that type of board(carving/speed) one last thing should i put fiberglass on and does it matter what side? 

Thanks so much for the help!
 For the Dervish i would use 4 plies of 1/8th baltic Birch. The bolt press will do concave. I would press 2 pieces of 1/8th at a time and then do the other two pieces. Concave is probably best for all around stuff, camber is not that necessary. IF you do want to fiberglass it, that will strengthen the board as well as give it more pop. I would fiberglass the very bottom.
 do u no where to find fiberglass, like in a store or on a website??
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  crazyreaper955 years ago
 I got my fiberglass from lowes or home depot, but it was not the best kind of fiberglass. You can get much nicer stuff online.
Maxscape5 years ago
Is the pressing of the board after the two pieces of Baltic Birch have been glued together?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Maxscape5 years ago
You press the board while the 2 pieces are gluing together. So that when they are done drying, they will still be in the press. Then you take it out and its finished pressing.
NickS455 years ago
How did you secure the bolts for the bottom part of the press? and how did you tighten the bolts,? i.e. buy hand, or wrench...? Or is your bolt sized to fit into a socket and held in place against the wood with washers? Which is the most effective?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  NickS455 years ago
 The bots were secured by nuts on top. These nuts were tightened down with a wrench. I find that the wrench is most effective (especially when you have more than 1 person).
shopatross5 years ago
Could be a dumb question but where did you buy your wood for this im planning on making a short board??
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  shopatross5 years ago
 I bought it at a local store.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  shopatross5 years ago
 I bought it at a local store.
pyro135 years ago
I used this instructable, and made a longboard using the same materials you did, and it is Way too flexible. It drags on the ground. Why is this?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  pyro135 years ago
 Either you did not use enough plies for how long your wheelbase is. Or you did not prss any shape into the board which means it has no rigidity and will be to flexy.
Just wondering, i talked to my friends dad about this because he works with wood alot and he said to make a board i'd want an odd amount of layers of wood with alternating grain. is this necessary?
 Eh, its not necessarily necessary (lol) but alternating wood grain makes for a stronger board. As for the odd amount of layers, i dont know it depends on how thick the layers are. You want enough wood so that your board is strong enough but not too thick.
Daane5 years ago
Hey, could you please let me in on how wide I should make my board ?  Like I know how thickl and long but how wide should it be ?
Hey i was wondering how much you weigh (for the idea on the board flex) and how much flex do you usually get...... also have you ever had one snap
I weigh 140 and i usually get a little flex on the boards i make, unless i am making a downhill board. I have had many boards snap when i was first starting out 
evander6 years ago
sorry to be a pain but for the press the boards you put on the bottom to make the board concave with how tall should those boards idealy be around? I was thinking 1 in height. Is that about ok or should i shoot bigger or smaller?
most longboards are 1/2 inch 
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  evander6 years ago
You dont measure by height. If you use 2 sheets of 1/4 inch baltic birch, that will come out to the thickness that most boards are which is 1/2 inch. This is an adequate thickness for most boards, unless you are making a really really long board (like 50 inch or longer) or if you just want your board to have no flex. But 1 inch will be way to thick.
what should you use for makeing a board
of 55 inch
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  blackblooms5 years ago
Probably 3 sheets of 1/4th inch thick baltic birch
ok that woulda been my next question but i mean when building the bottom of the press those two vertical boards on the bottom that the bolts first go thru, should those be 2 x 4's or jus long strips about 1 - .5 in boards
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  evander6 years ago
oh i thought you were referring to how thick your actual longboard would be haha. They should be at least 1 inch tall, a 2x4 will probably be just the right hight.
joemvp5 years ago
how thick should your long board be

Were can I buy that Green Stocked longboard? 
milo-g5 years ago
 i was just wondering if there is a preference to where you should place the trux?
hey if i'm going for a flexy but strong mini board about 30" in length 10" wide then i'm wanting to do a drop through design but might not . I'm gonna use 1/8th " baltic birch ... should i use 3 plies or 4 ... and should i fiberglass the bottom?
oddblob5 years ago
3 sheets of 3/8th ply would have much more strength than the two 1/4" pieces you used - the lamination is much more effective with more laminates. I'm not quite sure of the science behind this, but I know that at least three laminates is considered a minimum. I guess it's something to do with one shet having two glue surfaces - for the same or less thickness, you get twice the glueing area.
Hi i'm interested in making a board and getting into long boarding could you reccomend either some trucks and weels  (i already have some bones super reds from street skating that would be good for a starter board im on a bit ofa tight budgit tho or a complete board if you can think of 1thanks
Check out randal trucks and oragatang wheels.
Or you could get a package off ebay for pretty cheap, perfect for building boards:

Fat Flash5 years ago
what wood would you recomend for a larger teen such as 215 pounds
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Fat Flash5 years ago
Probably 2 pieces of 1/4th inch baltic birch and maybe an extra 1/8th on bottom with fiberglass if you have it.
poeth5 years ago
Great idea! Thanxalot!!! That will be a project for me and my 11yo son. One question: You're always talking of birch plywood compared to baltic birch or maple. These latter two are also plywood or did I get this wrong?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  poeth5 years ago
No, Baltic birch and maple are different than birch plywood becasue birch plywood is just made with birch and then plywood filler in the middle and it weakens the wood alot. Thats why i recommend using Baltic birch or Maple
Baltic birch is just real birch plywood,
Home depot has something they call birch plywood, but it is just weak pine ply with a thin layer of birch on the outsides, and is designed to make the furniture look nice, rather than provide structure.
proper birch ply, maple plywood, ore any other strong wood ply would work
(for instance my first board was made from 1/2" spruce ply and is still going strong, even without concave)

real baltic birch is good though, because the short growing season in northern europe makes its grain really fine, providing extra strength.

building out of solid wood is also an option, but it needs to be cut into strips and glued together with the grains in different directions. (like a butchers block) Using two or more hardwood stringers made of Oak or some other strong wood, with a cheaper more flexible wood on the edges and middle. The picture below is of a snowboard core (photo from graf snowboards) but uses the same system for construction. The dark wood is the hardwood and the rest are strips of softer wood.
sorry if my description of this is a little hard to understand...

Hm... then I don't know exactly which material you mean. Is it SOLID wood? Do you have any photo of it? Sorry, for bothering you...
blackblooms5 years ago
Could you use Poplar wood instead of Baltic Birch and Maple?
Poplar is known to be light, cheap, and soft. Boards need to be strong. I guess you could get away with it if you weigh very little, and I guess it would be nice to have a super light board, but it won't last very long.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  blackblooms5 years ago
Im not sure.
Islmi5 years ago
I have a large sheet of plywood from Georgia-Pacific; they market it as 'Plytanium'. I believe it is made out of some sort of pine.

I really don't want to make a third trip out to the hardware store this week, do you think I could just use this? Not as good as maple or baltic, but considering you have more experience than me, I figure I'd ask your opinion on it before I put time into making it. 
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Islmi5 years ago
Well since it is plywood its not going to be as strong as baltic or maple like you said. I guess you could try it but i cannot guarantee it not breaking. If you really  needed to use it i would suggest putting it in between 2 pieces of baltic birch or something like that.
acidbass5 years ago
where do you buy your trucks and wheels and what brand do you use(royal???)
iamspy5 years ago
Are they supposed to have a concave? I know some have camber and stuff like that but do they have a concave"
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  iamspy5 years ago
Yes concave helps the structural integrity of the board ALOT. Almost all boards have it.
Hey I've already built a board and I was going to build another one using bamboo or fiberglass, possibly a hybrid, and I cannot find bamboo wide enough. Is there a way to make 4" wide bamboo into a board somehow? Or is there a place that sells 10" or 12" sheets of bamboo? Thanks.
I have not worked with bamboo at all so i am not sure. And 4" is probably too small to put into a board, you dont want a bunch of little pieces like that. You may just need to find a place that sells it on the internet.
I was wondering if there was a board wider than 4". I may just try using hemp particle board and use a layer of the bamboo to firm it up, I don't know. But thank you very much.
chuy_7075 years ago
i weigh 190 and i wuz wonderin what type of birch plywood wud i have 2 use?
and by type i mean thickness and all that
or can u recommend any other wood that wud be good for that weight?

and also how musch wud i need 2 make a 42in. board?

TeacherOfTheWays (author)  chuy_7075 years ago
Just use Baltic birch or maple. You would probably need two pieces of 1/4th for a flexier board, or 2 pieces of 1/4th and 1 piece of 1/8th for a stiffer board.

For a 42 inch board you would need what i stated above.
TeacherOfTheWays (author) 5 years ago
Ya that may have been the problem. Sick, feel free to post pictures of it when its finished, i would love to see it.
<a href="http://s62.photobucket.com/albums/h107/matkinson23/?action=view&current=Longboardbuild1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h107/matkinson23/Longboardbuild1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

38x10 with 3/4 inch concave. ill be making it a drop thru soon.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  matkinson235 years ago
Wow that is really sick!
Awesome job, personally i would leave it topmount, it looks way cooler and has a less chance of breaking.
oh yeah... good point I already have a drop deck so I guess I could just leave it as is. have you build any bamboo boards? Im thinking of trying to build a dervish type deck now
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  matkinson235 years ago
No i have not worked with bamboo, but i know that its pretty darn expensive, but it does make amazing boards.
oh ok well thanks for the help man!
blackblooms5 years ago
What thickness and length of wood would i use to build a 40inch
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  blackblooms5 years ago
I would say 2 pieces of 1/4th inch baltic birch
darkpiggy126 years ago
can u use skateboard trucks and wheels?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  darkpiggy126 years ago
you can. but they will not preform nearly as well as longboard trucks and wheels.
im just testing my homade w/ old skate trucks ill get propper trucks for longboards later...................
no you cant use skateboard trucks and wheels... u wanna know why, cuz i will slap u silly if you do. were making longboards here not skate boards.
mines in the press right now! i am using a weight press plus like 7 strong clamps. i am disobeying the anti-home depot  rule im using 2 plies of ½" tho but it was pretty flexible w/ just 1 so i did 2 im going to have to use very long bolts to accomidate the 1 inch deck........ i am lo on money so i will probably use some cheapo truck packadge off ebay  there is a slight possomability that there will be pics of the finished product all the materials for the deck not including grip tape is $45 including jigsaw and including wood glue i realized when i got home it wasnt waterproof glue tho so i wiil never be riding during/after rain.......keep being awsome and get on more and post more ibles for  the love of dervish!!!!!
orianagt5 years ago
can I use mahogany?
Swarm2005 years ago
you should in include the dimm press in this cause its like roar rockit for poor kids.
i wanna buy one! id be cool to have one from my hero.........
dj clyde5 years ago
ughh both deck copies, both plywood and pine broke due to friends being a little rough on them, otherwise they both worked fairly well. well i guess i will just give in and buy a nice board online for a good price. thank you so much for this site i had a great time  trying and i hope to get better eventually!
dj clyde5 years ago
deck is going well, but when im done i still need to get griptape and trucks/wheels, any1 got a good store to get them at a good price?

Dj clyde,

chances are slim you live in washington but www.NorthWestLongboarding.com has forums on buying used longboard stuff. im sure if you shop hard enough youll find sick downhill/slalom trucks for cheap that they would ship to you. if youre east coast they have a similar site called beastcoastlongboarding but its not nearly as legit. but yeah randals have a deal on ebay like he said.


TeacherOfTheWays (author)  dj clyde5 years ago
You can get a trucks and wheels package off ebay for cheap. And for grip just go to your local skate shop and get a piece.
zippo7615 years ago
I have pressed my board like the way you said with option 2, a half inch of concave for over night, with titebond 3, with 1/4 inch BB, and when i take it out it lost almost all of it! so what did i do wrong?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  zippo7615 years ago
How many sheets of 1/4th did you use?
Everything else sounds good to me, maybe a press malfunction?
just two
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  zippo7615 years ago
hmm that sounds perfect to me. I'm not sure what went wrong..
zippo7615 years ago
I was wondering how do you give it camber?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  zippo7615 years ago
If you are using option 2 you can put a small piece of wood in the middle so when it get pressed down it makes camber.
Thanks dude!
matkinson235 years ago
Great job man i've been doing a lot of research and this helped a ton. if i was to build a speedboard with a fair amount of camber, should i still use 2 1/4 inches of baltic birch? i want to build a drop thru at some point and i dont want to kick myself for it being too flexy
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  matkinson235 years ago
If you are making a drop through i would reccomend using 4 1/8 pieces of baltic birch because that way it will be a tad bit stiffer. If you also fiberglassed the bottom that would help aswell.
oh alright bro i appreciate it
matkinson235 years ago
quebelo, you want 2 quarter inches of baltic birch so you can get the correct camber and concave in your board. if you just pressed a big piece of wood then when you took it out of the press it would pretty much go flat again. it also could crack while being pressed.
quebelo5 years ago
What is the difference in using two of 1/4 inch than just a half inch or 7/8? Or is it an issue of just finding the wood?
pandaboy2925 years ago
did you guys make up chronic longboards or is it a brand? i like your friends second one. i love invader zim.
jbharrison5 years ago
thats a good lookin board
dj clyde5 years ago
Well how about with just plywood and a simple press? All i have is the shop equipment and basic wood and materials...?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  dj clyde5 years ago
go for it!
poeth5 years ago
I hope that I'm not too much a "pain in the a..." but I've got another 3 questions: 1. Did you ever experient with 3 thinner layers instead of 2? I think it would be more stable because you could align the grain of the layers in 90 degrees angle. 2. Does the board loose the concave of the press after it is released, i.e. how far must the layers be bent in the press? Does the board has to touch the base ground in the middle? Or is it similar to pictures 7 and 8? 3. Last question hopefully ;): for the means of simplification isn't it possible to use clamps intead of bolts? Thnaks in advance for clearing things up.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  poeth5 years ago
1. You can try 3 layers of 1/8 inch baltic birch but it may be too thin. 2. If you press it correctly the board should never lose its shape (concave). 3. Yes you can use clamps :)
dj clyde5 years ago
thanks so much for helping with this. 1 question, do you think this would be a worthy project for an eighth grade student in a technology education class who has roughly 20 dollars to spend, not including finishing or hardware etc.?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  dj clyde5 years ago
Umm you probably need more than $20. But its a fun project!
gbs6556 years ago
Man, this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time! i am building a press tomorrow, and am really pumped. I'll post a picture when i finish my first board. thanks for putting this up.
lakeboards6 years ago
It says don't you birch plywood. BUT you can IF you glue them together. depending on your weight and how much flex you would like you can determine the flex of your board by adding a sheet on top of another sheet.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  lakeboards6 years ago
You have to glue the baltic birch together anyways....from my experience when i used birch plywood, every single board i made broke.
how many layers of normal non-baltic birch plywood would it take to support a 145 lb rider ? and did you make the board in the first photo?
Probably like three 1/4 inch pieces. No i did not.
can u make a press with a space bag?
Im not sure, i dont think it would have enough compression.
ill make one as soon as i get some money?
capsfan1016 years ago
yah umm baltic birch is russian birch plywood its just another name iseant it?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  capsfan1016 years ago
I believe so..
darkpiggy126 years ago
last two questions how high are the side beams on the bottom,and how much weight?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  darkpiggy126 years ago
Can you restate the question i dont understand.
driftfreak6 years ago
how many plys of 1/4 inch birch would i need if i were to make a super-stiff speedboard about 44" long?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  driftfreak6 years ago
Definitely 2 pieces. 3 would be better but its going to be really thick. If you added fiberglass on the bottom it would be even better.
darkpiggy126 years ago
another 2 questions what is the main reason of the press?And how much can you sell a custom board for?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  darkpiggy126 years ago
The press is to be able to press your pieces of wood together to form the shape you want. You can sell a custom board for however much you want.
darkpiggy126 years ago
can you make a vid that would be so helpful
What size should the bolts be in circumference?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  npdcrazypyro6 years ago
It does not matter. They can be any size as long as they are strong enough to compress the board.
shane57236 years ago
dude where can I get the baltic birch or maple??
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  shane57236 years ago
local wood shop
Clayton H.6 years ago
you could make it from solid wood. or aluminum
guy906 years ago
Looks sick ; ) Deck making use to be so easy at my college, we'd draw a template on paper, and then we'd photo copy it onto acetate (clear plastic), and then using a projector, we'd project the design BIG onto a wall to draw from.- It was great, because we could draw the designs small, and to proportion first. Now I've left college, the quickest way for me is to print out the shapes onto stencil paper, and then transfer the design to the maple/birch.
gorton336 years ago
around how much money does it cost to buy the materials?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  gorton336 years ago
Well i give the press costs. And i give you the wood costs. So that just leaves power tools if you dont have them. And then trucks and wheels which usually run about $50 to $100 for a package.
Jxmo6 years ago
I have heard other places say to use 7-ply maple for the deck. Is the 1/4 Inch design that you listed above better? If so, why?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Jxmo6 years ago
Yes, most companies do use that. IF you can get your hands on maple veneer then i would say go for it, becasue that would be a good method becasue your board would be stronger than just using baltic birch. But since i cant get that, i just use 2 sheets of 1/4th baltic birch and that usually works pretty good for me.
Thanks. Do you have any suggestions on what kind of hardware is good for just cruising.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Jxmo6 years ago
hardware?....You can use any kinds of hardware for any type of longboarding.....as long as it holds your trucks on your board its good.
gonzas6 years ago
HEY HAHAHAH That green longboard it's mine! you could ask me if you could use the picture! well there is no problem ! cool tutorial
Neb26 years ago
Can you make it have flex and camber with the bolt press?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Neb26 years ago
fathergoose6 years ago
how do u design it so that the baseploate of the trucks are in the board, like the one shown above?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  fathergoose6 years ago
You have to cut it out so you can drop the truck through. This is called a drop through board, and to make it you need a drop through template. Here is one you can use. Make sure its the right size ( becasue i am not sure if it is scaled to size) and the holes line up with your trucks.
droptemplatescaled holey3.jpg
jesus jelly6 years ago
what is the clear coat?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  jesus jelly6 years ago
like varnish stuff. It makes wood shiny and smooth
sam73776 years ago
is it possible to put concave on your board option 1 style after already putting camber option 1 style or will it just get rid of my camber
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  sam73776 years ago
You can do them both, but do them at the same time.
jesus jelly6 years ago
thank you soooooo much ,man i looking at and its like 130 in the morning and im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@(-)@
happy smily monky face!!
sam73776 years ago
how long should i let my weights sit (option 1)? and is it possible to give my board concave with option 1 style
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  sam73776 years ago
You should let them sit overnight at least. You can do concave with that style you just need to put all the weight in the middle so it creates concave.
Quentin176 years ago
I want to built a board like your friend, a "speedboard" do I have to give it a camber? by the way, nice board!
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Quentin176 years ago
No. speed boards don't have any camber. They do have lots of concave though to lock your feet in. So you will want to have concave but no camber.
Thank you so much
quesoman6 years ago
if i wanted to make a cheap board that wont last long could i use ply wood. and, are longboard trucks the same as skateboard or is it different?
Cann0n quesoman6 years ago
quesoman6 years ago
my mom just bought me a set of 2 trucks, 4 wheels, 8 hardware, 2 6mm risers, and 8 bearings off of e bay for 17.99 plus shipping and handling
quesoman6 years ago
where do you get your trucks and stuff? I found trucks bearings hardware and wheels at zummies.com it all totalled up to be 90 dollars(including tax and s/h)
thats B-E-A-S-T!!!
lngbrd4lif6 years ago
wat is the store's name that u get your wood from. If i get mine online, shipping and handling has to be delt w/.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  lngbrd4lif6 years ago
i get mine from woodworkers source
mattlanz6 years ago
Your instructions are awesome! thank you so much! i was wondering if you knew any online specialty wood stores that sell baltic birch wood, there are known by me. Thanks for the help
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  mattlanz6 years ago
I have not really looked into it online as i have a store near me. But if you do look around online there are probably some, but it will be much easier and cheaper if you cant find it at a store near you.
oh yeah; nice graphics on that black chronic longboards board. how do you transfer your graphics? they look great!
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  stoopynoonoo6 years ago
We just use spray paint. No transfer graphics.
dang your stencils are clean what do you use as stencils?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  stoopynoonoo6 years ago
We print out an image. Then cut it out on a manila folder. Construction paper would probably work good to.
hey bro do you think you could email me that template of the board on the wood (the one painted blue) also, it'd be alot more effective to achieve concave if you had 3 2x4s underneath the plywood base, and drill holes for the threaded rods there instead, so the two "side pieces" can manipulate the wood to their full extent (without the threaded rods in the way)
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  stoopynoonoo6 years ago
Sorry man that's not my picture. Its someone elses board. I just took the pictures off random sites.
Owenmon6 years ago
Weird..... This thing just showed up on my subscription list.... >.<
mutt2566 years ago
if i wanted to make a flat longboard would i have to have a press? and whats the difference of a curved board and a flat one? thanks.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  mutt2566 years ago
You would need to press it anyway. But i would not recommend building a flat board, you need some kind of shape to it so its not flimsy.
mutt2566 years ago
Has anybody try making boards out of kevlar? Its lighter and a lot stronger than wood.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  mutt2566 years ago
yes. many people make boards out of carbon fiber, and fiberglass which are stronger and lighter.
Cramer6 years ago
Are there different types of wood that might be stronger like oak or cedar?? also most longboards i see are bent lengthwise and your guide says to bend it widthwise, any reason for this or does it depend on your riding style. is it better to do it any one way??
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Cramer6 years ago
ya possibly oak or maple. i am not sure what you mean by length wise or width wise. But putting some shape to it does make it stronger.
I think that he is referring to camber, whereas you only demonstrate how to put concave into the deck. In case you don't know (even though you probably do =]), camber is when the middle of the deck is higher than the nose and tail to allow more flex. I was also wondering how to add camber with the mechanical press method...
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  owengorkon6 years ago
thanks! Yes thats what he was probably implying. For a wooden press, you would want to stick a small block or piece of wood in the middle, allowing it to give it the camber shape.
Thanks dude. I'm going to start tomorrow...I came up with an idea for a bit of a mod on the press for camber...it's kind of hard to explain but I'll try to upload some pictures when I build it.
Cool thanks man now all I need is to get my materials.
Jordanary6 years ago
is there anyway i cud make a strong dropped downhill deck with this method....similar to a landyachtz evo??? im just wondering if the wood will bend at that much of an angle...and to make it strong enough id probably have to use three pieces of wood...just wondering lol???
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Jordanary6 years ago
Umm. Probably not. The evo has some very hard curves that unless you really knew what you were doing, you probably would not be able to imitate it. If you really want an evo shape, just go out and buy one, they are really awesome and are worth it!
NZbomber6 years ago
Hey, Do you think you could make a mountain board like this by using three sheets? Could you still shape the board with three (or four?) sheets?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  NZbomber6 years ago
yes you could make a mountain board as well.
l96470fps6 years ago
so you press it while the glue is wet?, sorry i dont understand
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  l96470fps6 years ago
Maybe try looking at the instrucable again for clarification. But yes you get your two pieces of wood, then squirt some glue in the middle of them. Put them together in your press. So then the glue will dry overnight in your press, gluing the two pieces of wood together to the shape you want. Do not wet the wood what so ever.
l96470fps6 years ago
du u soak the board before pressing it, or do you do it dry?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  l96470fps6 years ago
you do not need to soak the boards.
l96470fps6 years ago
where you trying to replicate the dervish complete?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  l96470fps6 years ago
what do you mean..... i have build boards similar to the dervish before yes, but this instructable is not how to build a dervish, its how to build a longboard.
im not trying to say that youve breached copyright or anything, i was just curious, its a sweet board.
do u have 2 use 2 boards and glue them togther or can u use like 1 3quarter or like 1\2
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  duct tape man6 years ago
if you use one big 1/2 inch thick board you might be able to cut it out, and make it into a longboard but it will probably break, cause it needs some kind of a shape to it or else its really flimsy.
so your using solid sheets of baltic birch? is there any advantage/disadvantage to using plywood or solid sheets?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  stoopynoonoo6 years ago
yes. plywood tends to break easier, so that is why i use Baltic birch, and not birch plywood. It's just stronger.
hmmm...how about Baltic birch plywood?? seems easier to find....
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  stoopynoonoo6 years ago
I am not sure. Any birch product that you get at stores like homedepot are probably not good. You have to go to a specialty wood store to get the good stuff. Although it is easier to find it will not last you nearly as long.
skunkpunk6 years ago
Great job! I'll have to try this sometime.
TeacherOfTheWays (author) 6 years ago
I filmed a video of a mini i just finished a day ago.
hope you enjoy!

hey what music is this i recognize it but i don't know what it is
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  pyroman7116 years ago
Artist: vampire weekend song: A-punk
just mike6 years ago
how would you do a kick tail with that press?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  just mike6 years ago
excellent question! sorry i did not include that. i will get to it soon. Basically you will want to make something like in the picture at the angle you want your kick tail. When the wood gets pressed down it forms to the shape of what you have places there.
oops here is one more pic of the finished product
TeacherOfTheWays (author) 6 years ago
no there is not, i unfortunately did not get any videos of me riding my board.
I might be able to put one up soon.
here is my channel:
duck-lemon6 years ago
Do you have a video of you riding it at all?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  duck-lemon6 years ago
here is a video of my friend riding his homemade one:

Look at 10 seconds and that is the board he made, he rides it in the video.
yeah i saw that on his youtube page wich you gave a link to in the instructable, but is there a video of your longboard?
XxtwistedxX6 years ago
ok now why cant someone make an instructable like this for snowboarding? :[
It's a little more complicated to construct a snowboard, hence the lack of instructables, but there's info out there already such as:
here, here, here, and here after a quick skim of my bookmarks
duck-lemon6 years ago
This is sooo awesomee, thank you thank you thank you! Needless to say 5/5 and faved. I really want to make this, i guess i'll have to then, subscribed by the way.
pyro136 years ago
Amazing! I would love to make one of these! Maybe a summer project. How much do trucks and wheels run? Any cheap ones with fairly good quality?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  pyro136 years ago
oh ya i should include that, you can get some wheel packages off ebay for like $50 to $100.
Here is a good package.
Also here
thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! of course five stars and faved! & I hope this gets featured!
bumpus6 years ago
That is awesome Steve! I hope this gets featured..
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  bumpus6 years ago
thanks man! me too.