Step 4: Pressing time!

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Pressing your board:
Time to press those sheets of wood into a board!
First off you want to outline your template onto one of the sheets of wood.
Draw a center line on one of the wood sheets.
Place your template on the center when outlining onto the wood.
You can tape it down so it does not move.
Trace your outline onto the sheet. (see picture 1)

(see picture 2)

First off lay out all your materials, here is a list of materials you will need:
- Tiebond 1, 2, or 3 Wood Glue (I do not recommend Gorilla Glue)
- Paintbrush for spreading glue, roller also works
- Sandpaper or a sander
- Drill
- Jigsaw
- Pencil
- Tape measure
- Clamps
- Trucks and wheels and hardware
- Griptape
- Spray paint (if you want)

Set down a blanket or something when you are gluing and put your sheets of wood on top.
Glue the bottom sheet nice and evenly, spreading it with the brush/roller.
Remember its always better to use more glue than less.
Do this in a timely fashion as time is of the essence, you do not want your glue to dry on you! *Some glues dry faster than others*
Once you are done gluing your sheets, put the top sheet with the design on the very outside so you can see it. (see picture 3)

Put the glued sheets into your press making sure they are where they should be. Tighten down your bolts until you get the desired amount of concave (see press 1 option on page one)
Once the sheets are in the press tightened down, you can add some clamps to the areas lacking in pressure. Wipe off extra glue from your board so it does not get in the press.
Finally, leave your sheets overnight (at least 24 hours) and then take it out.
Your board should have concave too it, and it should be nice and solid. 
Thats sweet
donkeyknee2 years ago
Its good
garrettkula4 years ago
do you think elmers wood glue is ok?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  garrettkula4 years ago
hey bro! some kid on here was talking about using fiberglass. is that nessasary? because I'm not a spoiled little midget that can just ask my parents to buy me everything. and fiberglass is expensive here. i know they put it in professional boards but then other professional boards don't have it.
ccook104 years ago
How many sheets of wood do you usually use?
rcarson14 years ago
After I put glue on and put the sheets in the press, will the press itself have enough pressure to keep the sheets glued together? or will i need calmps?
tscharrer4 years ago
Hey i was wondering what kind of glue to use. What is the best? Also, I made a board out of 3 layers of 1/4 oak and it snapped with fiberglass on it. So I am going to make one with 3 layers of 1/4 Baltic Birch. Do you think 2 layers would be ok with two layers of fiberglass. Will it break? Have any of your baltic birch 2 layered boards ever broken? Thanks
garrettkula4 years ago
i'm going to glue 3 sheets of 1/4 inch birch together for a longboard, and put it into my press. should i glue 2 let its dry and glue the 3rd on, or should i glue all three at once?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  garrettkula4 years ago
i would do the 2 and then the other
gofish3264 years ago
I made a press almost exactly identical to the one you made, and I'm using 2 sheets of 1/4 inch birch. How long would you recommend leaving them there to dry if I used a generous amount of Titebond II Premium?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  gofish3264 years ago
At the least, 24 hours.
qwertypas5 years ago
we laminated two quarter inch birch plywood with contact cement wood glue and we have 3/16 concave curve but when we put 2 by 4's underneath and stand on it, it touches the ground. how can we fix this?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  qwertypas4 years ago
I am not sure man, it sounds like you did everything right. Keep experimenting.
you would have to cut one end of your deck by how ever short you want it or make a new one. if you didn't understand what i said you might understand this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5TTwC-5P1U . i hope this helped.
joemvp5 years ago
how thick should your long board be

poeth5 years ago
Great idea! Thanxalot!!! That will be a project for me and my 11yo son. One question: You're always talking of birch plywood compared to baltic birch or maple. These latter two are also plywood or did I get this wrong?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  poeth5 years ago
No, Baltic birch and maple are different than birch plywood becasue birch plywood is just made with birch and then plywood filler in the middle and it weakens the wood alot. Thats why i recommend using Baltic birch or Maple
Baltic birch is just real birch plywood,
Home depot has something they call birch plywood, but it is just weak pine ply with a thin layer of birch on the outsides, and is designed to make the furniture look nice, rather than provide structure.
proper birch ply, maple plywood, ore any other strong wood ply would work
(for instance my first board was made from 1/2" spruce ply and is still going strong, even without concave)

real baltic birch is good though, because the short growing season in northern europe makes its grain really fine, providing extra strength.

building out of solid wood is also an option, but it needs to be cut into strips and glued together with the grains in different directions. (like a butchers block) Using two or more hardwood stringers made of Oak or some other strong wood, with a cheaper more flexible wood on the edges and middle. The picture below is of a snowboard core (photo from graf snowboards) but uses the same system for construction. The dark wood is the hardwood and the rest are strips of softer wood.
sorry if my description of this is a little hard to understand...

Hm... then I don't know exactly which material you mean. Is it SOLID wood? Do you have any photo of it? Sorry, for bothering you...
Islmi5 years ago
I have a large sheet of plywood from Georgia-Pacific; they market it as 'Plytanium'. I believe it is made out of some sort of pine.

I really don't want to make a third trip out to the hardware store this week, do you think I could just use this? Not as good as maple or baltic, but considering you have more experience than me, I figure I'd ask your opinion on it before I put time into making it. 
quebelo5 years ago
What is the difference in using two of 1/4 inch than just a half inch or 7/8? Or is it an issue of just finding the wood?
capsfan1015 years ago
yah umm baltic birch is russian birch plywood its just another name iseant it?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  capsfan1015 years ago
I believe so..
lakeboards6 years ago
It says don't you birch plywood. BUT you can IF you glue them together. depending on your weight and how much flex you would like you can determine the flex of your board by adding a sheet on top of another sheet.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  lakeboards6 years ago
You have to glue the baltic birch together anyways....from my experience when i used birch plywood, every single board i made broke.
shane57236 years ago
dude where can I get the baltic birch or maple??
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  shane57236 years ago
local wood shop
Jxmo6 years ago
I have heard other places say to use 7-ply maple for the deck. Is the 1/4 Inch design that you listed above better? If so, why?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Jxmo6 years ago
Yes, most companies do use that. IF you can get your hands on maple veneer then i would say go for it, becasue that would be a good method becasue your board would be stronger than just using baltic birch. But since i cant get that, i just use 2 sheets of 1/4th baltic birch and that usually works pretty good for me.
Thanks. Do you have any suggestions on what kind of hardware is good for just cruising.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Jxmo6 years ago
hardware?....You can use any kinds of hardware for any type of longboarding.....as long as it holds your trucks on your board its good.
jesus jelly6 years ago
what is the clear coat?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  jesus jelly6 years ago
like varnish stuff. It makes wood shiny and smooth
jesus jelly6 years ago
thank you soooooo much ,man i looking at and its like 130 in the morning and im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@(-)@
happy smily monky face!!
lngbrd4lif6 years ago
wat is the store's name that u get your wood from. If i get mine online, shipping and handling has to be delt w/.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  lngbrd4lif6 years ago
i get mine from woodworkers source
mattlanz6 years ago
Your instructions are awesome! thank you so much! i was wondering if you knew any online specialty wood stores that sell baltic birch wood, there are known by me. Thanks for the help
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  mattlanz6 years ago
I have not really looked into it online as i have a store near me. But if you do look around online there are probably some, but it will be much easier and cheaper if you cant find it at a store near you.